Thursday, April 05, 2012

Every morn is a fresh beginning....

"Every morn is a fresh beginning,
Every morn is the world made new."
~from Anne of Avolea by L.M. Montgomery

Each day we face new challenges, and each day there is hard work to do.  So often I look out there too far past today, and I wonder how we can ever do it all.  But God asks me to just look at this day.  His mercies are new every morning.  Each day I get to start over.  There is energy for one day.  Get up.  Pour a cup of coffee.  Read God's Word.  Eat a little something and take an Aleve and get out there and do the thing that needs doing.  That is what I tell myself some days.

This morning is a fine, beautiful morning. I awoke feeling the effects of a day mowing my yards and working cows.  It was so windy and dry that my lips were chapped, my hands were sore, my knees felt worn out.  You know the feeling.   I went out to the bummies to feed them and found another one dead.  I saw it coming.  That's three lost in a few weeks.  I think they have coccidiosis.  Thankfully, I found the medicine I need to give them in the vet cupboard, so today I started them on Cordid Drench which they will take for 5 days straight.  I'm hoping this does the trick.  The vet comes today to pelvic check yearling heifers so I may have him take a look at the lambs before he leaves just in case I've diagnosed them wrongly.

Did you see the Fresh Beginning Daffodil at the top?  A sweet gift to me this morning as I walked about the yard.  I set the sprinkler for the first time on the front yard early this morning while there is no wind and no dry heat.  I'm hoping to perk up the lawn a little before Easter Sunday so that we might have a nice game of croquet on it when the family comes.  There *might* be snow on Sunday, but I'm going forward with watering today anyway.  It will be what it will be.

My house needs attention --cleaning, that is -- before the family comes.  A bit of dusting and mopping and setting things in order.  I know they aren't looking for dirt, but I know it needs it.  Then there will be a little baking to do before the big day.  It'll be so nice for everyone to get together again -- all but the Youngest.  He will be in Tucson.  We'll miss him.

Before I leave you today, we had such a nice discussion in the comments about houseplants that I wanted to direct you to a two-part article on houseplants over at Nesting Place.  She's always so full of good ideas.  Wishing you a fresh beginning today.


  1. I find my help for the day in the
    word and in prayer. I certainly know when I miss it. Put on some music and enjoy your cleaning...

    Farm life. Death is the part that I don't envy. We have our small menagerie here and I see too much death for my comfort.

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. I know how you feel Jody! You are so right...just one step at a time:). Sorry you lost another lambie. It's never fun. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Easter...your daffodils are gorgeous! I love it when the family is all together. Have a lovely Easter.


  3. I did read that post by Nesting Place and am now thinking about houseplants (but only low maintenance ones:). Right now I'm feeling pretty good about having some flowers planted outside. Enjoy your family. I live far from my relatives and have to conjure up some holiday magic for my own tribe by myself.

  4. I do not know how you do it all, J! Do you ever get a day off -- an entire, lovely, in your p.j.'s all day long, day? I hope so! Take of yourself, k?


  5. House plants are a necessity in my book....anything to bring GREEN indoors! I am so sorry about loosing little lambies. That is so sad. I hope the rest will be okay.

  6. Oh how sad Jody! I don't know if I could take finding one of my bummies that didn't make it. I hope the medicine will clear up the problem -- and in a hurry!

  7. You're so busy and you are working so hard. Saying prayers for you and the aches and pains that come as a result of hard work. Bless you, good friend.

  8. What a great philosophy to have. Each day is a new beginning and a new chance. So sad about the lambs. Hope the rest make it through. Love your daffodils.

  9. So sad to read about losing some of the bummies. I hope no more get sick. I too am glad God's mercies are new every morning!



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