Monday, March 05, 2012

Traces of spring...

 A warm, wet snowfall came, but nobody minded it much.
The lambs were happily skipping and playing outdoors paying no attention to the weather.


 Mary Toodles' first time out splashing in the puddles with me.

 Little girls playing in mud puddles on a sunny day.  
I couldn't NOT let them do it, could I?
(especially when their parents were gone to town)

Quads born yesterday.
A sign of spring today....honking Canada geese flying overhead
and squawking blackbirds in the trees near the lambing barn.

My new favorite:


  1. I love bird chirping weather for sure! I was just thinking that I bet God smiles when he looks at us the same way I smile when I see little lambs...

  2. Those lambs are so cute! I can hardly stand it!
    I bet stomping around in those puddles was FUN!

  3. Oh, those lambs and those little dear ones stomping in the mud--at the very least, it's like spring time in your heart!


  4. Oh my goodness those lambs are precious...and your grand kids are pretty darling, too:)!


  5. I want to come over to your house and play with the lambs! I don't know how much cuter you could get! I'm sure your grand babies loved it :)

  6. Hahaha -- you're the perfect Grandma! I suppose you let them eat candy in secret too? (I hope!) Those little lambies are just cute as can be. How many quads and triplets can one farm family have LOL? (You should have a guessing game -- how many quads and triplets are in this pen LOL!)

  7. A lovely spring-like post! Yay for lambs and chirping birds and grandkids in puddles! :) xxx

  8. I agree, love that print. Spring is showing signs here and I am loving it. It is very sunny but cold. I cannot now wait to feel some warmth xox Clarice

  9. Lovely pictures of the lambs all of them, even the little ones in the mud. :) It does look like spring is on its way with the new lambs. What sweet baby faces.

  10. i think . . . there may not be much difference between lambs and little girls . . . they frolic and play regardless.


  11. Ah, look how big those girlies are getting! And those little lambies are cute, too. Today I saw a bluebird sitting on a barbed wire fence. Be still my heart.

  12. Awww, pretty little lambs, pretty snow, & pretty littles! It is surely bird chirping weather here -- have had the doors open all day listening to the birdies.

  13. Such a sweet post...Little girls and baby precious...thanks for sharing...blessings

  14. My goodness...that momma must have been pretty big to carry those four lambs. Wow, I just can't believe it, does this happen often? They are so sweet. Thank you for sharing..

  15. Don't you think that children learn a tremendous lot from some of the simplest activities, like splashing in mud? Of course you know they do...the human mind is so vast and complex, and children are like little aliens or scientists discovering the laws of physics and the relationships between the generations, etc. etc., by means of all the senses. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.
    And it's a lovely spring day here, too!

  16. My favorite photo is the one of the girl's in the puddle. I took my girls outside today and it was just so encouraging to let them muck about in that mud.

    You are the first American I have ever heard refer to the geese as Canadian geese...I've only ever heard them called Northern Geese by people from south of the border, which always cracked me right up! :) I thought maybe we just had it all wrong!

  17. Our little granddaughter Liesel wears the very same pink coat and she loves tromping around in puddles too! Bonnie


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