Tuesday, March 20, 2012

for the birds....

 I was just telling Hubs the other day that the migration of the birds is so exciting to me.  It's like a surprise, and yet expected.  It's like knowing that your best friends are coming to visit, but you're not sure exactly when they will arrive so you anticipate and wait and watch and look up toward the road to see if the car might be driving in.  And suddenly, there they are!  What a delight.

The robins arrived this week.  I always tend to hear them before I see them.  They are many and all in a flock right at the moment instead of split up into pairs.
 Here you see the red-winged blackbirds are grounded.  It was so windy here today that nothing much was flying nor in high trees.  If you click the photo, you will see the red wings patches on these beauties.

 Early this morning when I went to the yearling sheep to feed them, there were gobs of geese in the alfalfa pasture.  They are nibbling the very new, young growth of the plants, I think.  Here are some geese on the horizon, and below you see a pair out waddling about the pasture grazing.

I've been trying to get a really good photo of the Western Meadowlark, but haven't done a great job of it yet.  I did capture them singing on the video below, but the quality of the video was poor so I just put another photo over it so you could look at it instead of the poor video.  The audio, however, is excellent.  I know you'll enjoy the meadowlark songs.

There is a lot going on here at the ranch. The heifers are having their babies at a nice pace -- about three or four per day. We just docked the rest of the lambs and had a nice crop of them. We figured it came out to a 186% lamb crop out of the mature ewes. Wow. That's probably one of the best lamb crops ever. That's what happens when you get so many, many multiple births.

I hope you are enjoying the spring days as they come. And by the way, Happy First Day of Spring to you! Be blessed today.


  1. Busy, busy days ahead for you Ms. Gumbo -- it all sounds so wonderful. How much longer will you have to feed bummies? Or are you all done now?

  2. LOVE! I wish I could say what the meadowlark says. Just think of it, in those moments when words just don't seem fitting . . . if I could open my mouth and say THAT? Oh, hooray for the cows and their offspring and YES I rejoice in the lamb crop. (I AM so happy about SPRING!)

  3. I listened to the Meadowlark twice. It was lovely. Are you winding down on ranch work or is it just beginnning? Hope the lambs are doing well.

  4. Those geese in the fields look like ostrich's from a distance.

  5. I saw the picture of blackbirds without knowing that is what they are and thought you had brontasauruses (brontasauri?) in your field.

    I like seeing spring come to Montana. It takes its time which I think must make it more gratifying. Here in tx it comes so quickly that one minute you are standing squarely in winter, you blink, and everything is green and flowered. It's like a magic trick and you spend too much time wondering, "How did THAT happen" and not enough time anticipating and appreciating it.

  6. This is marvelous!! I don't believe I've ever heard (or seen) a meadowlark. I'm going to have to check my bird book to see if we have them here.

    To me birds are the best thing about spring! Unless of course we had livestock like you do. What a busy time, but so full of new life!!


  7. Happy spring to you as well!


  8. Your meadowlark in my house! He is wonderful to my ears and I thank you VERY much. Happy Spring!


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