Friday, March 23, 2012


Did you ever notice that we put "ies" on the end of most critters' names that live here on the ranch -- bummies, lambies, calvies, kitties?  It's an age old family tradition.  We've had some amazingly warm, spring days here, all in a row, which is unusual on our northern prairies.  Most commonly we have a couple nice days in a row and then a blast of cold or a snowstorm, but March has been unseasonably warm.  It has made for a lovely calving season for us.  The first-calf heifers are having their babies in the pasture just fine all by themselves.  We are keeping watch over them day and night, but for the most part, they are doing it on their own.

The calves and their mamas are very healthyThey are nibbling green shoots of grass in the pastures now, but we are still supplementing their diets with hay and occasionally cake.  We had one problem this evening.  A calf's umbilical cord was broken inside the mother and was born dead.  It's a sad thing.  

The tulips and daffodils are poking their sharp leaves through the soil just now, and I'm seeing evidence of other springtime flowers popping up.  Spring is always such an exciting time for me.  After a quiet, lifeless winter, it is thrilling to see the migrating birds arriving, the sprouting plants and grasses, and the baby livestock frolicking everywhere.
I've been loading up the clothesline with all sorts of laundry.  Work clothes, socks and undies, sheets and pillowcases, and rugs.  It's so nice to breathe in that fresh-air-laundry smell once again.  I made this little clothespin bag out of a $1 thrift-store sheet.  I have more of it left over and I'm thinking about how cute some summer pillowcase dresses would be for the Littles.  I found three matching floral pillowcases recently that I want to turn into dresses too.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a picture of the three grandgirls all dressed in matching pillowcases dresses?  I think so!

The neighbor girls were over today for the day while their mommy finished sewing her girls bubble dresses and later went to town for supplies.  Gram and Co. spent most of the day outdoors digging for worms and digging up weeds and swinging in the willow tree.  It was a glorious day.  Tomorrow we're having a family get-together that will include my brother and one of his little boys as well as the grandgirls three and their parents.  We'll grill burgers and have lots of picnicky salads and goodies to eat.  I'm making a BLT Pasta Salad which I saw on Pinterest.  I made it once before and it's delish!  Here's the recipe.


  1. I love reading about all of your babies on the ranch and about your life! How fun to have everyone over...I love that:). I will take a peek at your BlT Pasta Salad. We are helping with branding tomorrow and I need to bring something!!It sounds really good.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Wonderful reading Jody, and I do agree about the welcome sights of spring :) we are having very mild weather here in England , unfortunately the down side is a lack of rain. Farmers are putting in spring greens now and we have had no rain. There comes another increase in the cost of produce:( Hopefully the rains will come. Our daffodils are in full bloom now which is a wonderful sight, the lambs are having fun in the fields and the birds are very busy. It always seems to be green here in the midlands but I see the brown farm fields now showing green shoots and some of the trees and hedgerows are flowering. I'm having a quite Saturday hope yours is filled with lots of family laughter x

  3. Hooray for a picnic already!
    I'm so glad the calves are arriving safely for the most part!
    I love your pin bag and you will HAVE to show us the pillowcase dresses.
    I do love this warm weather, too. It feels so good.

  4. Ohhhh look at their sweet faces. So sorry to read that one little one didn't make it. Love your new clothes pin bag! I need to make one too. The dog decided to eat my still new one last fall, the stinker. I go by my a pseudo name on Pinterest, Brenda Va. Long story :o). I pinned one of your lammies the other day. You take such beautiful photos that it got lots of repins!


  5. Oh! It all just sounds so perfect and wonderful... Enjoy it all!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Lovely calves. I will try this salad next time we have a get together. We haven't had warmth like that too much. We are having much needed storms which I am enjoying. I bet you are really, really enjoying your warm weather.

  7. Well, the calvies aren't as cute as the bummies, but they are pretty darn cute. Sounds like you're having a fabulous spring. And I think your idea to make matching pillowcase dresses sound wonderful!

  8. A lovely, Spring-like post! You just can't beat hanging out the laundry, I love it too! :) Cute calvies. :) xx

  9. Super cute clothes pin holder. I really like your dress sewing plans. I hope we get to see pictures of those being modeled. And your family feast sounds delish!

  10. The Calvies are so cute! That meal sounds real good. How great that the weather is cooperating. I'll click on that salad now...

  11. Looking forward to seeing photos of your dresses ~ that material is adorable...I must remember to look for cute sheets at the dollar store or thrift much you can do with them. The calves are super cute..and such a wonderful reminder the Spring is here!

  12. I am so glad it is a mild spring, it must make calfing so much more pleasent. It is very sunny today and it is sunny. I am sure you are like me and crave the sun xox Clarice

  13. The girls just love their day with Grandma! The pasta salad was super yummy and I'll be keeping the recipe for Hazel and I to enjoy.


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