Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thin as the curve of a raccoon's whisker...

Tonight on the horizon

"How dark is the dark tonight?" asked the little raccoon?
"Not so dark," said his mother.  "There is a new moon tonight, thin as the curve of a raccoon's whisker in the sky above the tree tops."
"Can I see it?" asked the little raccoon.
"No," said his mother.  "You must wait.  Wait till the moon is full."
"How big is the night?" asked the little raccoon.
"Very big," said his mother.
"How big is Big?" asked the little raccoon.
"Wait," said his mother.  "Wait till the moon is full."

~Excerpt from Wait Till The Moon is Full
By Margaret Wise Brown
I gave myself a crash course in night photography yesterday after reading the short version booklet that goes with our big camera.  I don't know if I learned anything, but I tried.  I waited and waited last night for the midnight hour  when the next wave of Northern Lights would come upon us, but......there were clouds.  Strangely, I could see the lighter night sky glowing behind the clouds, which was very cool because there was no moon last night. Hubs and I drove out to our spot to watch, but we couldn't see The Lights.  I woke up a time or two in the middle of the night to see what I could see, but all that I could see was Dark.  It was cloudy.  Rats!  Maybe tonight.  I don't know how many more nights in a row of this I can do, but I'm livin' large.  I'm trying to live large.

Northern lights seen from Kennebec, S.D. on Monday, Sept. 26, 2011. (Photo courtesy Randy Halverson)
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  1. G'day Gumbo Lily. That is a beautiful picture of the moon and I just love the verse you put in.Take care. Liz...

  2. Yes, it's time for the moon. I like thinking about the sky right now. We see stars in the morning.

  3. I think it's terrific that you are stretching your skills and your power of sleep deprivation to capture this wonderful sight! I for one am selfishly (not just for you, sorry to say ;) praying for no clouds because I want to see what you can capture.

    I love Margaret Wise Brown. How is it I've never read this one? It's absolutely precious!

  4. Yes, live large! And that moon you've got there is the same one we've got here (natch), just that little curve of light.

    I love MWB, don't you?


  5. I know what you mean Jody ;) at least when Amy and I went on our trip in search of the lights we got wake up calls in our cabin as soon as the lights appeared. There was great comeradia amongst the passengers as we waited in the freezing arctic nights. Lovely photo; we didn't see any of the red hues, only the blue hues, but it was still awesome. X

  6. Ooo forgot to mention how I enjoyed the excerpt from the story and the photo of the moon. Still always think about you when I see the moon here in England:) x

  7. Such beautiful photos! I would be up very late too if our night sky looked like that! Gorgeous!! I'm curious, do you catch a nap during the daytime? This is coming from someone who is all about afternoon naps :o).


  8. I'm hoping you get a clear view tonight! Last night we were out talking to neighbors as it got dark and we saw a possum by the moonlight. It was just a sliver but very bright.

  9. Jody -- that's the very moon I saw, that made me write that poem. It was so extremely thin, and rather orange. Beautiful. I love the "raccoon's whisker" idea!!

  10. Clouds, sighhhh. This is why we do not get to see a lot of stuff, happening in the sky, here is WA xoxo Clarice


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