Sunday, September 11, 2011

Loyalty to a Brother...

Our flag
As our kids were growing up at home, we read excerpts from The Book of Virtues and The Moral Compass complied by William J. Bennett.  This was one piece that is still bookmarked and was read more than once.  As I reflect on 9/11/01, I think about those who died,  those who rescued, those who waited for help to come, those who waited for phone calls, and those who have fought and continue to fight for something noble -- our liberty.

One of two brothers fighting in the same company in France fell by a German bullet.  The one who escaped asked permission of his officer to go and bring his brother in.

"He is probably dead," said the officer, "and there is no use in your risking your life to bring in his body."

But after further pleading the officer consented.  Just as the soldier reached the lines with his brother on his shoulders, the wounded man died.

"There, you see," said the officer, "you risked your life for nothing."

"No, replied Tom.  "I did what he expected of me, and I have my reward.  When I crept up to him and took him in my arms, he said, 'Tom, I knew you would come--I just felt you would come.'"

There you have the gist of it all; somebody expects something fine and noble and unselfish of us; someone expects us to be faithful.

~Walter MacPeek
 Albert Handerson Thayer  "Angel"  1903

"But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."
~Psalm 18:24


  1. We have a special ceremony at the flag pole tomorrow. The sixth graders are looking forward to it. Thank you for the good word today, Jody.

  2. Heartfelt & eloquent, Jody. We'll never ever forget those who lost their lives on this unspeakably sad day - 10 years ago.
    Beautiful angel image too -- so comforting to remember they are all around us now and were there even on that awful day.

  3. Oh dear lady, I'm so grateful you blog. In these transition days of going from one baby to two, I've come here for a laugh, for encouragement, inspiration...gosh, I just have a real sense of peace...I feel like I'm having coffee at the kitchen table with a friend. Thank you for sharing your life!

    I'm very interested to find these books.

  4. I love the Book of Virtues. Thanks for another wonderful post Jody.

  5. G'day. That was just beautiful.Take care. Liz...


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