Sunday, September 25, 2011


There are lots of things about September to write down in the journal...

 *The turkey.  She is still with us.  She once had five other friends, but now she is one.  I caught her enjoying the flower garden through the window one early morning.  She likes to hang out with the chickens sometimes during the day.  I've seen her roosting in the old Cottonwood tree by the pond near our house.

*The hollyhocks are appreciating the last of the hot days left in September and the bees are thankful that they remain.  The moss roses are still happily blooming in their buckets and only a few Black-eyed Susans and purple coneflowers are left blooming.

*The grass has turned from green to mostly brown.

*Only Daughter turned 25 this month.

*The bucks were turned into the ewes on September 20th.  The gestation for sheep is five days less than 5 months which would make it February 15th when we see our first lambs.  Do you see the big buck peeking over the ewe's back?  The sheep herd is grazing the alfalfa re-growth in the hay field and they are FAT.

 The buck is bringing up the rear.

*The big Poplar tree in the yard has turned from green to gold this past week.  H. Peach loves to walk in the crispy, crunchy leaves, and M. Toodles likes to eat fallen leaves.

*We must shake out the clothes after hanging them on the line now that the wasps are out.

*The spiders and crickets are everywhere.  My dad told me that when you see lots and lots of crickets on the ground, it's a sign of a cold winter.  O dear, there are lots and lots. 

*I hear the Great Horned Owls at night.  "Hoo - Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo - Hoot"

Looking way up high.

*The Folks have been here this week.  We've had a good time.  Dad's been disking up the old hay field, Hubs and Son have been fencing while L. and I have been painting the family room.  

*I have more paint for the guest room.  

*I'd like to paint the granary before winter comes.  The paint is peeling.  

*The hay has been hauled in.

*The pullet hens are laying!  

*Something got into the coop the other night.  One hen is missing and there are white feathers all around the door.  Another hen has been grabbed around the neck as her comb is torn and some of her neck feathers are missing.

*Must shut the chickens in way before dark.  The critter will be back.

*The sun is shining into the dining room and kitchen windows since the Fall Equinox.  I like that.

*The Indian Corn and the dried sunflowers are at the front door.  Welcome!

Prairie goes to the mountain,
Mountain goes to the sky.
The sky sweeps across to the distant hills
And here, in the middle,
Am I.

~Kathryn and Byron Jackson
from Open Range


  1. Hi Jody-

    Thanks so much for leaving me the very nice comment. It truly helps to hear that others have gained inspiration from my blog.

    Autumn is my favorite time of the year - looks like you are very busy - the temp here is getting nicer, but I will have to wait a few more weeks before the leaves start turning.
    I never read this poem before - perfect photo you have with it.

    My best- Diane

  2. G'day Gumbo Lily. Beautiful pictures. It's spring here in Australia, then comes our summer and it's bound to be a hot one.Love the turkey in the garden, the sunnies look lovely. Take care. Liz...

  3. Hi sweet Jody-friend! It's amazing that sheep get fat from eating alfalfa. I'm thinking that if it's going to be a cold winter, Feb. 15 will be shivery lambing!
    I like it when the lambs are born. It comforts me and makes me feel Easter-ish! I'll pray for you and TC out there taking care of the babes, though!
    I wish I was your neighbor. I'd ride my bike over and appreciate that Indian corn welcome! It's warm here today, too. Nights are chilly and I'm thankful for my funny butterfly wing shawl when we get up for coffee in the morning.

  4. Our youngest and only daughter is 25 until December. Sounds like a wonderful September. I'd like to hear an owl at night. I'm afraid we have too many city lights for owls to enjoy our neighborhood!

  5. Just beautiful. I love how it all looks. You are so blessed.

  6. I love the verse at the end...
    I am sad about your missing and injured hens! We used to have skunks that would carry hens off if we didn't get them shut up in time. Do you have various possibilities of predators?

  7. Awwwww, your turkey is lonely and she wants some chicken friends. September is the best of months. And September on the prairie is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  8. Looks so fallish and lovely in your world, J! And, as always, sounds like you're hard at work on many projects -- don't know how you do it all.
    Sorry about your little chicken! We have critters roaming around here too. I saw a red fox not long ago - so pretty but I bet he'd eat my chickens if I had some. And I finally caught the raccoon that had been coming in our doggie door at night and making the biggest mess in the laundry room while trying to find something to eat in the cabinets. I was glad to see him go to another home far far away ;)!
    Happy Autumn to you, Lovable Darling ;),

  9. I enjoy your blog so much. You inspire me to breathe deeply and smile. Thank you.

  10. I love seeing photos of the lambs - they are just so cute! I wonder what got your chicken?? You've got lots going on this month as usual.

    The Indian corn and sunflower arrangement is just beautiful!

  11. I don't know why, but Fall just feels like a season to reflect and really we should reflect and ENJOY each season. I love the Blessings sign above your fall arrangement.

    Thank you so much for the name of that artist as well. I love all his stuff and have passed him along to a few other folks around here too. I will let you know if I purchase one of his paintings.

    Hope you are well.

  12. Fall is so pretty in your world!

  13. September is one of my favorite months...maybe my most favorite. It is a beautiful time of year at your place. Lovely.

  14. Hi Jody,

    Thank you for stopping by to say hello. Your header is beautiful! We have lots of crickets here too this year. I'm a little bit dreading winter. You have me wondering if our neighbour is breeding his sheep now too. I will be watching for the funny marks on their backs. Then I will know.


  15. Well my goodness with there just being you and hubby now, it seems like your days are still very full. No vacation for you ;-) xoxo Clarice

  16. Lovely journal of your month Jody. I have missed catching up with your news. Are the turkeys wild like our pheasants?
    We have had a very mild September, with a gentle chNge over to autumn. Having really warm weather now which we are enjoying.


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