Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blue Jeans Quilt (a re-run)...

This is a re-run post of a quilt I made a couple years ago for #4 Child.  Now it's time to make a jeans quilt for #5 who is the last chick to fly the coop.  I'm re-running the post as a refresher course for myself as I am doing the same quilt-as-you-go style with this next quilt.  I'll be glad to show you the results when I get it done.  I have a deadline of August 17th, the day before he flies to AZ, but it we'll see how it comes together.

 Blue jeans quilt #4....

It is finished! My Fourth Born's jean quilt is done just in time for him to take it to college. He doesn't leave until end of August, but I'm glad he will be taking this with him. The jean quilts are a family tradition. Each child gets one when he or she leaves home, and each quilt is made up of the family's worn-out blue jeans that are trimmed up for quilts and other uses.

This quilt was fairly simple -- it's a four patch block that was sandwiched with a thin cotton batting and backed with a larger block of batik in gold, brown, or green. After the blocks were stitched-in-the-ditch, I did a "quilt-as-you-go" assembly method that involved sewing a row of blocks together so that the backing was at the top (think rag quilt). I then pressed the seams open on top, folded the back fabric over the denim, folded it under, and top stitched on the jean side of the quilt. By the time all the blocks were sewn together and top stitched, the quilt was completely done, except for the top stitching around the outer edges. This worked quite well since denim can get very heavy and unruly to sew.

My embroidered quilt label.

Here's the back of the quilt. It 's a coincidence that these are the school colors of the college that S. is attending. I never even thought about that when choosing them.... a mother's unconscious consciousness....or something.


  1. I love this! Simple is the best in my opinion. I have a quilt as you go project in the works if I ever get the time to finish it. It is interesting to see it come together.


  2. I have a box full of old jeans in the attic that I'm longing to make a quilt out of. Thanks so much for reposting this and offering a tutorial. Yay! Maybe I'll finally get that quilt made.


  3. I think this quilt is so cool! Can't wait to see 5th born's. Btw, some larger needles are on their way. They came back to my mailbox because I neglected to add another stamp.
    Looking forward to the unveiling.


  4. Jody I always like your denim quilts and this particular one is inspiring me:) the tutorial is such a blessing for this rooky quilter, but I'm going to attempt it this time. May I ask how much of the backing fabric did you buy?
    Ann x

  5. Ranchwife, I'm looking forward to seeing your "quilt as you go" project.

    My boxes of old jeans just never seems to quit growing. Just when I'm getting close to the end, someone brings me a bag of old jeans. Perhaps I'll have to make a quilt every year.

    Plain Ol Vanilla,
    Thanks for sending me some new needles. Can't wait to try them. You're so nice.

    I hope you are able to get rolling on your jeans quilt. The amount I use on the back depends on how large the quilt is going to be. This quilt is approx. a full size and I *think* I bought 2 yards of each fabric (and had some left over). You could also use bed sheets for backing.


  6. I really like this quilt.
    Don't have the amount of jeans kicking around that I once did...when the boys were at home.
    I would like to try this sometime.
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  7. This is such a rockin` tradition Jody. You will have grandbaby ones to make one day xoxo Clarice

  8. I remember this beauty! You should make a post with all 5 when you get the last one finished. I love this tradition of yours!


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