Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tulips and Hearts....

It's a Happy Third Anniversary for M&G!
(only daughter and hubby)
The traditional gift for a third anniversary is glass or crystal according to my Susan Branch List.  I had given up on finding the perfect thing and so resigned myself to preparing a card, but since the sons were going to town to see a friend off to Warsaw, I decided to pick a garden bouquet and let them play as florist couriers.    As I arranged the flowers in the heart shaped vase, I had an "ah ha moment."  The vase is glass -- the third anniversary traditional gift!  Just when I think I've come to the end of my bright ideas, a simple bouquet in a simple vase becomes the perfect gift.
I call it a God Thing.

Do you see the blue sky reflected in my window?
Chilly and windy, but sunshine nevertheless.
I hope you've had a happy day.


  1. I call that a God thing too! I love it when a gift "comes together" like that...

  2. Your tulips are nice and fat! Yes, I see the pretty blue sky! Hooray!

  3. What a lovely arrangement Jody and so satisfying to create a God inspired gift. I am amazed it is 3 years:)

  4. Beautiful flowers Jody! You're such a wonderful mother. And I can't believe it's been three years already -- for both our sets of newlyweds!

  5. A good God thing indeed! Those bleeding hearts are soooo charming and beautiful -- and lovely big red tulips too.

  6. this is a beautiful flower arrangement~!
    it feels good when things go right like that doesn't it~!?


  7. I love those tulips and the sky outside your window. I hope your garden is waking up!



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