Sunday, May 15, 2011

Open patches of blue sky...

It's been cloudy and rainy and cold.  I yearn for a little warm sunshine, but I won't complain about these wet, spring days that water and replenish our land. However..... when an open patch of blue sky peaks through the gray, I am out in it, soaking up every  little bit of warmth that the sun shoves through the holes in the clouds.  The sunshine feels warmer when it breaks through gray skies, doesn't it?  Life is like that for me.  When I see an open patch of clear sky, I take advantage of it and rearrange my day to accommodate it.  I may have a stack of diapers to sew, a dryer of laundry to fold, a stack of bills to pay or a sink of dishes to wash, but when the sun is shining, I leave the house behind for my outdoor chores.  This week I had a patch of blue sky to work in even though it was still very chilly.  I mowed and tended to some transplanting.  I took some time to admire my daffies and tulips while  inspecting the buds on the apple trees and chokecherry bushes.   We still have no leaves on the trees except for the Willow, but I think they, too, are waiting for some blue sky and warm days.

I am happy to report that since it was mostly cloudy and cold yesterday afternoon, I used my indoor time wisely and got a good start on one of the baby quilts I have been itching to stitch.  Mary Toodles still doesn't have her baby quilt from her Gram.  This morning I finished the quilt top!  Just a few more steps and a cloudy day or two, and it will be all finished.  It is supposed to be extremely windy tomorrow, so I'm planning for an indoor day, working on the quilt as well as minding the house chores that need my attention.

I am so enamored with my green, green lawn.  It's thick and lush and moist and green.  Around here we say it's Green as Ireland  this time of year.  It is, isn't it?  (I've never been to Ireland)  When the leaves bud out, it will truly be a splendid place to be.  Who needs to travel when you live in paradise?  (this year anyway)

Wishing you open patches of blue sky so you can play outdoors and soak up the sun and a few scattered, gray days so you can keep the indoors tidy and welcoming.  It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow. Have a happy week!


  1. Oh, I love your last paragraph..

    When I was a little girl and would see the sun shining through the dark clouds, I thought it was a pathway to Heaven and Jesus was welcoming someone home...

    It has been windier than all get out here too for the past two days, and tomorrow is supposed to be just as wild and wooly! :)

    Your lawn is amazing-we are just starting to green up-I love it!

  2. You're so smart! Next year, I'll be on the ground floor at school, so I won't feel like I miss the blue sky! It's been rainy here, too. I think I need some rubber boots so I can squish in the mud. I still haven't planted my sunflower house. I started cutting out the pattern for my apron when "ding dong!" Three little girls came to visit so the pattern is still on the ironing board. I'll get to it. You inspire me, Jody!
    Your green grass is glorious! I can't wait to see the photos of the trees all in bloom. Sending love your way, friend!

  3. That lawn is gorgeous! My lawn is mostly moss and dandelions :o)
    I'm going to have to rush out this morning in D.C. and get a little sight seeing in before the thunderstorms roll in!!
    Blessings on your week...

  4. We have had lots of cloudy, stormy weather this past week (tho warm). I'm always happy to see the sun when it pokes out its head. What's that Langston Hughes poem? "Oh, God of dust and rainbows, let us see that without the dust, the rainbow wouldn't be." You can substitute "rain" for "dust" and go about your merry way!


  5. Your "daffies" look great-they're one of my favorites. Wow! Look at that golf course green! We are droughted out so bad down here in southeast NM! If you'll pray the rain our way, I'll pray some sunshine your way. :) Can't wait to see the baby blanket!

  6. Your grass IS green! Is it really grass? What kind? Ours is not looking so good after all our snow this winter.

  7. WW,
    Yes, I have REAL grass! It is a combination drought-tolerant grass. I think the majority of it is fescue. Not quite sure what the rest is. It's been one tough lawn for us. I do have some patches of lawn that were damaged by the winter snow/ice that laid on our yard for such a long time, but I think it'll snap out of it pretty soon.


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