Sunday, May 29, 2011

A book for Betsy...

Saturday we helped M&G reshingle their roof.  
I didn't pound a single nail, but I did help in the kitchen and held Betsy Boo and sang sweet songs to her.
I made a little run downtown and decided to stop by the thrift store and I found this sweet Eloise Wilkin book for 50 cents.  I adore EW and her gentle illustrations of children and animals and babies.

Today there was a special baby shower for Betsy.
We all were asked to bring a favorite book for Betsy's library.
I could have brought a suitcase full, but just brought three board books by
Margaret Wise Brown.
Good Night Moon
Big Red Barn
The Runaway Bunny
I'm especially fond of Good Night Moon.
What children's books do you especially love?


  1. I do like the book you found at the thrift store Jody, those vintage illustrations are my favourite. Goodnight Moon is a firm favourite here too. Number 1 for me is Rosie's Babies of which I cannot remember the author right now:(
    I enjoy your posts about the grandbabies as it gets me excited for the day when I will become a grandmamie.
    Ann x

  2. When my girls were small, we would borrow Pigs in Hiding from our library. The illustrations and silly comments by the pigs were hilarious.

    It's out of print now. I've looked for the book on ebay for years and have only been able to buy one with a page ripped out.

  3. What a wonderful find, Jody! I love EW, too.
    Jane Dyer is my favorite and she has illustrated many classics. I just read Miss Hickory again. I have a pile of Beverly Cleary's Ramona books by the bed, too.
    I like The Jolly Postman and Each Peach Pear Plum.
    Betsy is one blessed little baby girl.

  4. We have that very book! It was given to my daughter as a bay (she's now 19). My favorites? Little Bear, Miss Suzy, Goodnight Moon, Pooh of course, and all things Tasha Tudor :)

  5. I'm glad I didn't have to imagine you climbing around on the roof, that would have been too much LOL! The little book you found is adorable. I think it would be easier to ask me what children's books I don't like -- I love so many of them and had fun collecting many of them when my boys were little. Some that stand out are the My Father's Dragon series, books by Jon Scieszka ... oh my gosh, there are just too many to list here! ;-D

  6. What a sweet book and such a FUN idea for a shower for little Betsy. We love Goodnight Moon. I read it so much and had it memorized years ago that I started rapping it. Trey loved that! I still have our board books somewhere around here. Eric Carle was a favorite, too. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. And Dr. Seuss, too. I think we have a board book of The Foot Book.

    I feel old when I go to the bookstore and there so many new books I don't recognize.

  7. AAaahh...I love children's books....

    Are you familiar with Shirley Hughes? Her books have such an everyday, warm, homey charm. I'm thinking particularly of the Lucy and Tom books but that's not what she's famous for. Here's interview with her. I've never seen a photo of her. She looks like a lady I'd love to meet. I love her face!:

    I like children's books that are fun for mommy (or grammy!) to read as well. You can't go wrong with the Little Bear books or George and Martha by James Marshall. I smile just thinking about George and Martha. Hilarious.

    For little ones, though you can't go wrong with anything illustrated by Garth Williams or written by Margaret Wise Brown, as you know. Oh! How about Little Fur Family? I love that one!

    Okay, I'll shut up now. Great post!
    Love, Angie

  8. Oh, we adore E. Wilkins here too! Every time I go into a thrift shop, I look for her books. Actually, I did find a couple on my last trip out West and bought them for my DD and her littles to enjoy. When my kids were little, I actually used to dress them like the children in E. Wilkins' book -- how sappy is that ;)!?

  9. Oh.
    I adore any book with Eloise Wilkin illustrations!!!!!!!!!
    I pick them up when I find them.
    They reflect the time in which she did the work so well.


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