Saturday, June 19, 2010

Simply Saturday, simple joys...

I got my bike out of the bunk house and found that it needs a new tube for the back tire and, as you can see, the wicker basket and flower are wilted and dilapidated.  It needs a little TLC.  I'm borrowing Hubby's bike for the now.

I brought some fresh flowers in from the garden and made a cheery bouquet.

There is always laundry to do on Saturday, 
and I'm glad for the nice, warm days to hang the wash out on the line.

My raised bed gardens are coming right along.
There are lettuces, radish, carrots, potatoes, onions, cukes, tomatoes, peppers and herbs.
Hazel Peach helped me dig and pull weeds and put cages around the tomato plants today.  I gave her a wheel barrow ride after we dumped some mulch around a tree.
It's so nice when the dishes are washed and air drying...

....and the eggs are washed.

Best of all, today was Gramma Day!
Hazel Peach and I went to tend the chickens and the peep-peeps.

I made the afternoon coffee, my favorite way.

And we each had a cup at the picnic table 
along with a fresh chocolate chip cookie. 
HP has her very own girl-sized cup.

(She takes hers black, like Gram.)
 Look at these comfy shoes.  Perfect for summer days.

We made ourselves chocolate ice cream cones
and ate them in the shade on the front porch
while the dogs eyed HP's drippy cone every minute until.... was finally handed over to Penny.
Happy Saturday!
What simply wonderful things did you do today?


  1. I have a question about introducing new chickens to your coop........I put the younger chickens(4months) in the new coop....3 days later I put the 2 old hens in with them....those 2 old hens are mean and keep the younger birds holed up in the overnight place of the coop....what can I do to even things out in there? Any advise would be appreciated.

  2. 52Knit4,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Here's what I do when introducing my hens to the pullets. When the chicks are about 2 months old, I open the side door of my coop and let the pullets run in and out of the big coop. Since it is usually summer time, the hens are generally outdoors so they don't boss the young pullets around much. The hens do tend to go in to the "little coop" and eat their feed tho. I think you will always have the big hens defining a "pecking order" but that's to be expected in nature. It gets better. I hope this helps


  3. Ahh it looks like a perfect grammy day with ice cream cones and all. Love the wash hanging on the lines! Those girl sized hands are so darn cute!!

  4. Your Hazel Peach is a DOLL! What fun you have with her (and she in turn with her Gramma!

    What simply wonderful things did I do this Saturday? Took a 33 mile Bike ride to be exact! Now if I can find the power to actaully stand up I'll go clean that family room! lol

  5. What I did today...some were planned and some unplanned but lovely all the same. I got a phone call from a dear friend who lives out of state and enjoyed getting an update on her life. I ran errands and went on a book-hunt with the eyes of a Grandma-in-waiting. Oh the pile I brought home! And then...I sewed!
    And put the marinated salmon on the grill and eat dinner on the patio!


  6. What a lovely Saturday! Your garden grows beautifully and HPeach is too!

    Today's simple joys included...

    * enjoying a breakfast cooked by my sweetie
    * painted some little thrifted picture frames
    * made brownies and a new salad recipe for a get together tomorrow
    * took a much needed nap
    * tested Texas made wines at the grocery store

  7. What a great day! See? Ice cream makes summer sing! xo

  8. Ah what a wonderful Saturday Jody. I love the things you did to build on the memories of being a Grammy;)
    My Saturday was rather hectic with lifted D, rehearsals, but finishing off with a BBQ and having friends around. The musical instruments were brought out afterwards and the boys entertained us with some jamming.
    Ann x

  9. I love how your vegetable beds are out in the open where they get all the sunshine they could want, for growing nice big veggies.

  10. I just loved going through your day in pictures. Little Hazel is just precious! Have a blessed Sunday!

  11. Thanks for your help.........I'll try it a little differently next time....I'm new to it, but I just love watching the chickens and we just got 2 baby goats about a week ago that we are bottle feeding......They are sooooooo cute. This is the life for me and my children.

  12. It sounds like you had a perfect Saturday Jody! Love those sweet pictures of HP!

  13. Looks like a perfect saturday to the feel of the cloths on the line drifting in the breeze! Come say hi :D

  14. I really enjoyed the photos you shared Jody...such an adorable grand-daughter!
    Loved your simple joys!
    My Saturday was spent celebrating my sister's birthday with much family in a very relaxing outdoor setting!
    Thanks for sharing yours,

  15. Oh my gosh, what a sweetie pie. Yes, a perfect day xoxox Clarice


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