Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flower Power...

 Phlox, dame's rocket, baby's breath, daisies, and the dandelions-gone-to-seed.

There's a lot of flower power in my gardens right now and more to come.  Do you remember the saying "Flower Power" from the late 60's and 70's?  What, exactly, was flower power?  I was just a girl back then, but I remember seeing "flower power" bumper stickers and things.  I'm thinking it had something to do with "flower children" and "hippies" and such, but I digress.

Look what's bloomin' in my gardens.
Peachy-colored violets hide beneath the columbine.

The last of the iris are showing off.

California Poppies are appreciating the warm sunshine.

Larkspur are in their glory.

Larkspur up-close.

You've already seen the red poppies.
Coming soon....
black-eyed Susan.
I put up a little fence for my peas to climb and decided to put some twiggy sticks around them to force them upward.
The lettuce is growing like mad next to the peas and we're enjoying garden salads and tacos with fresh lettuce almost daily.  I'm sure looking forward to adding some snap peas to the salads soon.

The tomatoes are setting blossoms, but are a long way from ripe fruits.
Did you ever notice how hairy tomato plants are?
I like the smell of them.


  1. Incredible! I shall go out and sniff my tomato plants this morning. Your blooms are lovely.
    I DO remember flower power when I was in fifth grade. I had some "real cool" flower power pants. Because the protesters of the war focused on bucking the power of the establishment, they contrasted peace and power by focusing on the softer things - flowers. "If you go to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower in your hair" and all that. I'm almost sure it had to do with peace. Can't wait to see your peonies, Jody.

  2. You have such beautiful flowers in your garden!
    And you know their names? Wow! I`m terrible at remembering the name of mine! Lol


  3. Beautiful! So bright and cheery! I love the colors.


  4. Yours is an absolutely delightful blog! Your pictures are amazing...just lovely. I've added you to my blog's sidebar. I took the liberty of using Pam Brown's quote about being a Grandmother for use in my own blog. I find that being a Grandmother is the icing on the cake of life! Many regards!

  5. Hollyhocks. Where are the Hollyhocks? ;-) I'm waiting patiently for mine to bloom. There are buds. They're dying to pop open -- I can just tell! Your flowers are just beautiful!!!

  6. So pretty!

    Oh, Larkspur....makes me chuckle. Where my husband and I run our cattle in the summer is way out in the foothills of the's where my Grandpa ran his cattle many moons ago. He HATED Larkspur (poisonous to the cattle) and would set out to kill every last plant, but in the mountains it just grows like crazy. Poor Grandpa, I had Larkspur at our wedding.....sigh...

  7. I love that smell are awesome, I'm so glad Summer is finally here! Wish it would stay longer! :D


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