Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's time for drippy ice cream cones...

Summer is on the way and Hazel Peach and I had a delicious Friday afternoon ice cream cone outdoors in the sunshine.  I think it's fun to watch children eat ice cream cones --slobbering the top scoop all over the face and then nibbling down one side of the cone while sucking out the melted ice cream. 
Maybe if I took more time to eat my ice cream cone, I'd enjoy it more, but I just can't.  I'm a biter.  I bite the ice cream and bite into the cone munching it right down before it gets drippy.  Not much licking and slobbering for me.  I'm all business.  HP is too, but we just go about our business differently.

Eloise Wilkin illustration

The Robin babies have fledged.  
I went out to visit them on Friday night and they were all huddled into the nest quiet and still, beaks closed tight, and white-circled eyes staring up at me sweetly.  I should have taken a picture then, but it was quite dark and I knew there was not enough light for it, but I decided I would take a picture in the morning.  When I got to the nest next morning, the babes were gone and I heard mother Robin  "pipping" to them wherever they were.  I looked, but couldn't find them anywhere.  Baby robins are very obedient and can stand stalk-still for long periods of time so no one can see them.  When mother robin or papa robin talk, they are quick to listen and mind.   I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of the speckled robin children hopping about in my yard soon.  In the meantime, I saw the orange Bullock's Oriole pair flirting on the barb wire fence today.  I think there may be a nest in one of the old Cottonwood Twins.

Dear Father, hear and bless Thy beasts and singing birds; 
and guard with tenderness small things that have no words.
~A child's prayer


  1. Hi Sweetums! Oh, the robins! They are so smart and determined - good parents, too!
    I've been swamped with my eighth grade slide show and I'm done now and feeling good about it. We show it tomorrow on the last day. I used some beautiful Christian music and my prayer is that the Spirit's stirring will touch some hearts and souls. It took all weekend with a few breaks for Kelli and Jenny and the girls. Now I can't sleep! I'm a biter, too! LOVE ice cream cones!

  2. we've had several robins become permanent visitors this spring...but I wasn't able to find the nests...probably just as well :)

    have a wonderful week!

  3. i am NOT a biter...isn't it funny how very different we can see something? lol. biting hurts my teeth. i'm not much for cones either tho. ;)

  4. Oh darn it -- I was hoping we'd see those baby robins before it was time -- that was sure fast! Little HP is sure getting big -- how wonderful to share ice cream with her -- the perfect summer treat!

  5. Love that illustration and the prayer. So sweet! I'm really enjoying the birds in my yard this Spring! Blessings...

  6. Is there anything better then ice cream with a sweet grandbaby xoxo Clarice

  7. What a precious post! Your dear little grandangel is simply adorable. These sweet moments with her are to be treasured and savored (I know you do). I just LOVE the child's prayer and illustration by Eloise Wilkin. The picture book it comes from is one of our all time favorites.

    PS: Ice cream biter here too. I also crunch ice. (Shh... don't tell my dentist)!

  8. We were blessed with a nest in our little barn this spring and were able to witness 3 little eggs and our daughter, Abby, actually saw them fly out and leave.
    Warm wishes, Tonya


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