Monday, April 26, 2010

This and that....

It's been raining here and cold here lately, but I was in the mood for some sunshine!  This lemon cake, served with homemade lemon curd and whipped cream, was like eating sunshine from a fork.  I sent some cake and curd with my college boy to share with his friends and we've been nibbling at the rest.  If you've never had real lemon curd, you are really missing out!  It's pretty easy to make if you have plenty of eggs and lemons.


2 1/3 c. sugar
2 tsp. cornstarch
1 cup fresh lemon juice
4 large eggs
4 large egg yolks
4 T. butter, cut into pats
3 tsp. lemon zest (or more)

In pyrex bowl mix together the sugar and cornstarch.
Whisk in lemon juice and eggs and yolks.
Put in the microwave for 2 minutes and whisk, continue to cook at 2 minute intervals and whisk until the lemon curd becomes thick.  Add butter lastly and whisk well.  Allow lemon curd to cool and then refrigerate.  This recipe makes about 3 cups.  You may store curd in jars in the frig for a week.  I like it on everything from cake to biscuits to toast or straight off the spoon.

Today was another windy, cloudy day so I didn't get to hang my bedding on the clothesline like I usually do on Monday.  The laundry all went through the dryer.  Since it was an "indoor day" I decided to make another bonnet to stay at my house for the days that Hazel Peach comes to visit.  This way we always have a sun hat for working and playing in the yard.  I really like this one.  It's reversible.

I also spent a chunk of time with my itibit sampler.  I embroidered three more squares and am about ready to go stitch some more tonight.  It seems some days I get the bug to stitch, and I don't want to quit.  I'm looking forward to finishing my sampler and then possibly starting another.   Amy from the 39 Squares Stitch-Along is going to have another stitch-along called Counting My Blessings.  The idea is to embroider one hundred square inch blocks, each one representing a blessing or a prayer.  I really like this idea.  It might take an eternity for me to finish, and it's not because I don't have enough blessings, I do, I just don't always keep up with everyone in the stitch-alongs.  But  that's okay with me.  I'll just begin and see where the project takes me.

Another item of interest is that BW, the calf, has a mommy.  He hardly knows what to do with her since his birth mother didn't lick him off, let alone feed him.  The men had to suckle BW on her so he would get the idea of where the milk comes from.  He thinks it comes from us!  This particular mama cow lost her calf to a fast-moving strain of intestinal disease.  The vet posted the dead calf (did an autopsy) and found out what it was, and we plan to vaccinate the young cows' calves as soon as we can get the vaccine.  In the meantime, BW and his new mama are getting to know each other.  I think he'll enjoy sucking real milk from the cow much more than drinking that icky powdered milk we were feeding him, don't you?


  1. Dessert was DELICIOUS and the bonnet is really cute. I know she'll love it!

  2. Oh Yay! BW has a mommy! Do you think the mothers know. If so, she must be a keeper to adopt BW. That cake looks wonderful -- thanks for the recipe. If I can just remember not to use an aluminum pan with lemon. ;-)

  3. Oh, I love lemon cake and the curd sounds delish. I have never made it...and honestly if I do I will probably eat it all. Mmmm.
    The bonnet and red chair are so cute! You are a very talented seamstress and I love the fabrics you put together.

  4. I'll have to try that lemon curd! Those bonnets are so darn cute. Love them. So happy the little calf has a mommy...

  5. I'm so happy for BW! Yahoo!
    I might BUY some lemon curd even though now, thanks to my favorite farmer, I know how to make it! I'm trying not to consume so much flour and sugar. It makes me feel a little yucky. What else could I put it on? Rice cakes? Your stitching is amazing, Jody! Embroidery was my first needle craft and I still like it a lot. Hazel Peach is one blessed little prairie girl! Thanks for the sunhat tip. I'm still moving all my stuff, so soon I'll have my sewing boxes close at hand and maybe I'll attempt a wide brimmed hat! lovelovelove ~ pp

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  7. Mmmm... Sunshine on a fork? Your description sounds as delicious as it looks! YUM

    The sunbonnet for Hazel Peach is simply adorable.

    Delighted to hear BW has been adopted. I hope he and mama develop a strong bond.

  8. Just want to tell you what a lovely blog you have, so full of all that we call "the good life!" Bless you! xo Kari (of Writing Up A Storm)

  9. Jody,
    You are a woman of many talents and much to share in just one post!
    Life is interesting and full!
    I just had a lovely tea book home from the library:
    The Perfect Afternoon Tea
    and thought that I would like to try the lemon curd recipe now that we have chickens and plenty of eggs.
    Thanks for the recipe and I will be sure to make it!

  10. Jaimi,
    I can hardly wait to put the bonnet on HP.

    Thimbleanna, I'm not sure if the cow "knows" but she is accepting BW and we're grateful for both of them.

    I will likely eat the rest of the lemon curd. That's how it works at my house. I like it best off the spoon.

    I hope you try the lemon curd. It's amazing stuff. Thanks for your kind comments on the bonnet.

    Pom Pom,
    I'm trying not to eat so much sugar too, but a little dab'll do ya. Yes, I'd eat it on rice cakes or directly from the spoon. Mmmm. My prairie girl is coming today! I hope she likes her new bonnet. I hope you find the perfect sun hat for yourself.

    Yes, sunshine on a fork. It's all that and more. Thanks for stopping in.

    I'm glad you came for a visit. Stop back again sometime.

    You are right, I have many interests and I think I should try everything at least once. I hope you try the lemon curd. It would be a lovely tea time addition.

    Love to all of you,

  11. Isn't that lemon curd the best. LOVE the bonnet, so sweet xoxoxo Clarice

  12. I love lemon curd - I had a cake very similar on the weekend at a church gathering - it was delish!

    Cute cute bonnets - reminds me of my girlie when she was little.

    Glad to hear the happy ending for BW.

  13. Hello Jody :)

    I am so glad that BW has a momma now. That just breaks my heart, I guess after being around animals like that you get used to it. We are looking at getting a steer (for the freezer) and I am hoping I am able to handle things come butchering time.

    I have not yet made Lemon Curd, thank you for sharing the recipe I am longing to make some now :)

    Your sun hat is so sweet!

    Have a blessed day!


  14. Hi Jody,

    I love lemon curd, and next time I make tarts, I'll give your recipe a go. I've heard that it is an easy thing to "put up" too. Have you ever done that? That would sure make the process of creating tarts, a little less time consuming.

    This bonnet is very sweet, and I like how it is reversible.

    So glad that BW has a new mama!



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