Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth is crammed with Heaven...

 Sagebrush Buttercup

Ewes and Lambs

Rain on the Range

Rain on Me
Reign in Me

Earth is crammed with heaven
And every bush aflame with God
But only those who see
Take off their shoes.

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth."
~Psalm 100


  1. I love that...but to those who take off their shoes! Loved the pictures...the earth is such a gift! Come say hi :D

  2. Hi, Jody! I can't believe how big the lambs are! We had rain again today. I spent the day with the three local granddaughters. Oh the baby kisses are so heavenly! I hope you had a happy weekend!

  3. Awww. Look at all those lambies! Beautiful spring pictures!

  4. Oh! I hope I take off my shoes more and more...
    Beautiful views Jody!

  5. I love buttercups!
    We are having rain even today....

  6. I've never heard that poem and I absolutely adore it. Your photos are wonderful. Yes, spring is certainly here.

    Thanks for making my morning!

    Love, Angie

  7. As usual, I'm fond of the hills and the sheep. I spent a lot of my senior year in art school drawing this sort of thing. Those two lambs in front with their mother are funny. May I ask what they are doing?

  8. Laura,
    The two lambs kneeling down, bottoms up, are nursing. They are so big now that they must squat down to get their supper. Cute, isn't it?


  9. Oh! I thought maybe that was it, but from that angle I couldn't see how they could get their heads back up. Now that I look very closely, I can see a turned head on the left. Yes, very cute, like big kids in Moms' lap!


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