Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calf update and other things...

Here's little BW (for backwards).  Mama Cow decided she didn't care a flip for her calf and would rather run off like a lunatic.  She just earned herself a free ride to the sale barn this Friday.  We don't like keeping nasty  cows like this on the ranch.  She's dangerous and she's not motherly.  Two perfect reasons for her to leave. 

So we've become BW's foster parents for the time being.  He's sucking the bottle with gusto and is also standing well on his hind legs.  All in all, he's getting along fine.  Often when something like this happens there is a happy ending.  We are a ways off from being done calving and there might be a mama cow who loses her calf and needs this one, but in the meantime, we'll do the feeding and the loving.

The Grandangel came to play today and we had a fun time digging in the dirt and picking daffodils to carry around the yard.  We even brought some flowers in for the table.  I snipped some apple branches that are about to blossom and put them with the daffies.  Doesn't it look nice?  I can't wait for the pinky-white, sweet smelling apple blossoms to pop!

I made a fun little sun hat for Hazel Peach this afternoon while she took her nap.  Her mama found the pattern online and made one so I thought I ought to make one to have on hand when she visits here.  It's a free pattern and easy to make.  Click here.  I made my hat lined so I made two hats and sewed them together instead of using bias tape to cover the seams.  I also added some ribbon ties for windy days like today.   I hope the wind blows in some rain as the weatherman is predicting.  We could use some April showers for our May flowers.

A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in.
  ~Frederick the Great


  1. Beautiful calf, he's so lucky he has good people! Love your centerpiece, prettiest ever! And the little hat is way cute, it will be loved as well as the hands that made it! Come say hi :D

  2. Oh Yay! Lucky little BW made it. Bad Mama Cow. I hope BW can find another mama! Thanks for updating us on how he's doing!

  3. That calf is so cute! Bad mama for abandoning him. The centerpiece is lovely.

  4. I agree with everyone! He's a keeper. I hope he finds a mama.
    Your daffodils are fantastic, Jody. Can we see the sunhat? I wonder if I could find a pattern for my head. I had the sweetest sunhat when I worked in the strawberry fields. I asked the childhood friend who made it for me if she still has the pattern. I'm waiting to hear. In Australia, everyone wears sunhats because the sun is so strong. Kid have to bring a hat to school or they can't go out in the sun. I'm glad Hazel Peach came to play with you.

  5. Oh look at the cute little guy!!! Who could reject him?

  6. what a sweet baby! The name sure fits him!
    The daffodils are so pretty.
    Enjoy the day :)

  7. He's so cute! I love little calves.

    Pretty daffodils - I never thought of bringing in an apple tree branch - but I will now!

  8. This is a wonderful post Jody. I always feel at home when I visit you.

    That little calf is adorable, and I'm so happy that you are able to make his life good.

    You always arrange flowers in the loveliest of ways. I still remember in particular the garden irises that you arranged for your table. This arrangement truly looks like springtime.

    Isn't it wonderful how many patterns that are given online? I appreciate that very much.

    I'm always careful of the sun, and encourage every one, big people and little people alike, to take care. My dad and my granny both have had struggles with skin cancer from working in their gardens unprotected for so many years. I bought a long sleeved white cotton shirt to wear too. It's so important.

    I hope you have a great day.


  9. Thank you for sharing the update.
    It is reasurring to know that the calf will be okay. And I can understand why the sales barn is looming for Mama cow!
    Lovely post,

  10. I'm so happy BW is doing well. Good riddance to that mean mother of his!



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