Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lamb update...

Sue is trying to ignore the fact that a lil lamb has snuggled up beside her for a short time.  
Last night I nursed two lambs along in my mud room.  They perked up after being warmed and fed with a syringe, but I am sad to report that they did not make it.  For some reason, they refused to suck on their own, even with much coaxing. This is one of those hard truths in raising livestock.  We do our part, we give aid, but ultimately, the animal has to have a will to live. 

On a happy note, one of the bum lambs got a new mama and all is well with him.


  1. How sad..I would just cry! God bless you for trying so hard to save them :D

  2. The good dog and the shy baby are precious. I want to look and look at that beautiful lamb. Do you dream of them?

  3. Awww. I'm surrounded by farms and those facts of life but I think I would still find it a little sad. I'm afraid our daughter would have an even harder time. Those lambies are so cute! Our dog Sophie was the same way when our kitten was sick - she would come up and nose her - and watch her "with interest" as you say.

  4. Oh, how sad Jody. I don't think I could do it! That picture is sooo sweet!

  5. I couldn't help but think of those little lambkins yesterday, wondering how they were faring. That must be hard when you work hard to give them aid and they die. I do appreciate you sharing your perspective though, Jody. It's good to see the life and death cycle through those eyes.

    BTW, I think the photo is precious.

    Thanks for sharing Jody!


  6. I'm so sorry, Jody, but that picture is a balm. I'm going to show it to my son, Will, a dog lover and lover of all things really cute in general.


  7. I'm so sorry for the losses of the little ones. So happy that one survived. My 4 year old and I are enamored. Precious.


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