Friday, February 26, 2010

Bathroom makover finished!

Bathroom before (with new flooring)

Vanity before my refinishing project

After stain and finish.

Bathroom after

Vanities redone in red oak stain finish.  I basically finished them right over their current finish using this process.  It saved me lots of time and effort and I really love the results.

I added an antique looking clock and hooks for towels

I'm really happy with my upstairs bathroom make-over.  The color on the wall is a soft brown called "Meadowlark" in Valspar paint.  I changed out the lighting too.  We have no natural light in this bathroom so I couldn't take a picture of the lights and make it look right.  I ordered these from Amazon.  Here's the pic from the site.
My goal in this project was to repurpose as much as I could and make it an inexpensive make-over.  The flooring was brand new and the most expensive part of the make-over, but we really needed new floors. The light fixtures were new, but I thought I got a pretty nice buy on them.   I used a small can of stain for the woodwork and finished off a can of my DIL's polyurathane.  I bought a can of paint for the walls, a can of spray paint for the knobs on the vanity doors, a $10 wall clock, $24 coat hook rack for towels and I bought 5x7" art cards by a local artist for $2 each and framed them for as wall art in the bathroom.  

I have one more bathroom to re-do, but it will have to wait until spring when I can be less distracted by lambing and calving.  My daughter thinks I ought to re-do all the kitchen cabinets now in the same red oak stain finish that I did in the bathrooms.  The size of that job intimidates me, but I know I'd love the look.


  1. i love the colors! so warm... and i love the clock and hooks. great idea!
    awesome job.

  2. I love it! And I place my vote with G. on re-doing the kitchen cabinets!

  3. Gorgeous!! Love the stain color!! You did a great job!! I vote to do the kitchen cabinets in that color,too!! (if you're taking votes! LOL) Darlene

  4. It really came out great! The colors are so warm. Great job on the restaining, must have been a lot of work. Have a great weekend!

  5. I think they turned out how you repurposed. We often have to do that in the stain color. Dianntha

  6. Jody, I love it!!! It turned out beautiful and I love the warmth of the wood. I spy more woodwork, too, maybe a linen closet? This is a lot of woodwork/cabinets for a bathroom. You did this AND are being a midwife to sheep? I'm impressed. :)

  7. Thanks, all of you, for your positive comments.
    Wayside W.,
    You did spy a linen closet too. Yes, there was a lot of woodwork and I did the baseboards too.


  8. It's gorgeous Jody! And you have me quite excited - I have bedroom bureaus - very old - honey coloured wood and they need to be refinished but I just couldn't face stripping them. Such a job. I just read your method and it sounds very doable - and your result is so lovely. I'm going to see if we have these products in Canada. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Beautiful and so inspiring! I really like those lights and the clock. Nice touches!


  10. Wow, Jody, I think you may have a caree for yourself. Love it, well done. Clarice


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