Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trills of the Western Meadowlark....

Photo by John and Karen Hollingsworth
U.S. Fish and Wildlife

"Turn on the Spring Sprink-le-r" is the description of the western meadowlark's song which my once-five-year-old son came up with many years ago. Another friend who lives on the prairie says her dad thinks the Meadowlark trill sounds like this: "Don't eat my noodle soup." After living amidst the meadowlarks some 28 summers, I have found that the prairie native can have many variations of its song throughout it's spring and summer stay in the open country. There is a link to the Western Meadowlark at E-nature that I like because the song they have recorded is so similar to what I hear. O My Goodness! I just found another site that has video of all kinds of birds "doing their thing." And here's one of the Western Meadowlark....singing, of course!

Check out other bird video clips at Bird Cinema.

Last evening I took a short little walk out to the Horse Creek Pasture and that's where I first heard the meadowlark. It's a bit of a contest in our family, to be the first to hear the meadowlark in the spring or the first to hear a robin. Generally, we hear the birds before we see them, so the other contest we have is "The First to SEE a robin, meadowlark, warbler...." These events go on my calendar since they are Events, after all.

Did you know the Western Meadowlark was designated the official state bird of Montana in 1931 -- chosen by Montana's school children (overwhelmingly) to represent the state? What birds are coming home for a Summer Stay where you live?


  1. What a lovely bird! It sounds like one of our bird songs - but I don't know which one.I'll have to visit Bird Cinema and figure it out. Thanks for that link.

    I haven't seen a robin yet - lots of chickadees, woodpeckers, bluejays and juncos but they stay the winter. I'm keeping my eyes out for sparrows, evening grosbeaks and robins. I can hardly wait - it's so lovely especially in the early morning - they sing their hearts out.

    oh Jody - I don't know if you figured it out but I'm having a bit of trouble with my domain name - you may have to resubscribe if you're on Gogle Reader or RSS or bloglines. Thanks!


  2. Gosh, that bird cinema looks like a very cool site. For some reason I'm not getting any volume with videos. I thought my sound was messed up, but I'm able to get the pretty bird call that you have playing. Very perplexing! Anyway, thanks for the great link. I'm anxious for the warmer weather to be outside once again and hear all the pretty bird songs. I'm also very curious to see whether our Cooper's Hawks will return for a second year!

  3. As I mentioned on your messageboard, I saw a swan couple flying overhead a few days ago. We wondered where they would land since all of the lakes are frozen over. I hope they found an open area of water! Maybe they headed south again until it warmed up!

    I've only seen swans here over the last couple of years. I think they're making a comeback. They are a sight to see! =0)

    No loons yet. They're our state bird.

  4. Oh, and we have one of the largest populations of bald eagles. They seem to stay all winter and I never get tired of watching them. But when they start circling the farm you have to keep an eye out for kitties and small dogs! =0/

  5. Thank you for this post. Chloe is crazy for birds, I will share it with her xoxox Clarice

  6. I love hearing Meadowlarks. You asked about summer birds arriving where we live. Although they've not arrived yet, in the next month we'll see White-winged Doves, harbingers of summer in Tucson. Right now, I'm seeing Lesser Goldfinches, the ubiquitous House Sprarrows and House Finches, a pair of Cardinals, Gambel's Quail, Gila Woodpecker, Black-chinned Hummingbird, and so on. Our feeders and bird bath are quite busy as it's a regular bird hostel around here.

  7. Thanks for posting about the Meadowlark, Jody. We don't have those where I live and I've always wondered what they sound like.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. Coming here is a respite for me away from a difficult time I'm having right now. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

    Please have another piece of pie!

    Angie in WA

  8. This is sad. Here in S.E. NM it is the buzzard. I told you it was sad. No pretty song birds. Just nasty Buzzards. I understand they winter in Old Mexico...wish they would stay there...


  9. Island Sparrow, we still have the winter-ish variety of birds too still hanging around, but the spring/summer birds are coming little by little.

    Thimbleanna, I remember the posts about your Cooper's Hawks. We had one once that wanted to hang around the bird feeder (to eat little birds).

    Junie, The AZ birds are so neat. I once went there and saw that darling little quail with the top knot -- the Gambles.

    Lisa, OOOOoooo Swans! We have the bald eagle too. They stay for the winter and then go.

    Angie, I'm so glad you find a little respite from life's challenges. Stop back again sometime, okay?

    Ranchwife, now that IS sad. We have the buzzard up here too but I do pray you have something else. Do you have roadrunners or burrowing owls or something? Sparrows? Everyone has sparrows. Please tell me there's more than buzzards where you live.



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