Sunday, March 22, 2009

Coffee break...

This Sunday afternoon, I enjoyed my regular coffee time, but added a couple of sweets. One sweet cinnamon roll and a sweet letter from a friend. She also included a bit of spring sweetness...

....from 1,000 miles away....
a pressing from her Jasmine bush.
Oh, the wonderful fragrance that filled the air when I opened the envelope. Sweet!

We don't get mail on Sundays, but no one had fetched the mail for a few days since the gravel roads have been in poor condition for our mail carrier. It was nice to find "real mail" amongst the bills and newspapers.


  1. Nothing like having coffee with friend...even if it is thru a letter.

  2. Love your new header -- I LOVE lemon meringue pie -- you're making me hungry. And that cinnamon roll looks yummy too!

  3. What a lovely treat! It is indeed a blessing to get something other than bills in our mail now and then. And I'm so glad you found this lovely delight in your mail.

  4. Isn't it amazing how just a little letter can so brighten your day xoxoxo Clarice-who has been very bad about her letter writting.

  5. Cottonpicker, welcome! And you're right, it's wonderful "visiting" with a friend via letters.

    Thimbleanna, thanks for the nice comment about the banner. I like it too. And the cinnamon roll was quite good.

    Junie, it's always nice to get mail from friends. Thanks for stopping by.

    Clarice, I hope to do some letter writing while this snow storm buries us. It'll be awhile before the mail runs, but I'll have letters to post!


  6. How fun! C.Z. and I were looking at your weather yesterday, and we were very impressed with your lightning symbol combined with cold temperatures. Was it thunder snow, or thunder followed by snow, or something else altogether?

    Stay cozy for just a bit longer! We're pulling for you to get some flowers soon in your own neck of the prairie!


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