Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Simple Joys....

Here's the 2 foot drift I've been walking through to the clothesline today. It's feeling very spring-like again and so far, we're up to 55 degrees and hoping for a little more warmth and sunshine in the days to come. ~happy squeal of delight~

My domestic little heart, aching for some clothesline refreshment, got its wish today. I love that feeling of a gentle breeze blowing, the sun shining and warming, the birds chirping, and the scent of the breeze wooshing through clean sheets and clothes. (snifffffff) Ahhhh! The few bugaboo's in snowish hanging of clothes is that I must be extra-careful not to drop them on the ground. I also must know the wind direction because this time of year, the barnyard has an extra pungent, wettish aroma that wafts over to the house with an easterly breeze. Thanks be to God, my first day of the Clothesline Season carries a fresh, clean westerly breeze to my clothesline!

Oh, and one more bit of excitement today......
I saw the First Robin of the year! ~happy squeal~ S. took a picture of him, but it was so far away that it wasn't worth posting, but I will be on the look-out for him again and will be carrying my pocket-camera with me. Simple Joys to be sure.


  1. My favourite kind of joys - I'm so looking forward to hanging the wash out on the line!!

  2. The simple joys are the very best. LOVE the pictures of clothes hanging in the snow!

  3. I posted the same thing on my blog today also! : )

  4. I really enjoy coming here. It's a treat for me to see things I've never seen before cuz I live in a different climate from yours and that's an understatement!!

  5. The first Robin of the year is such a lovely herald to springtime. There's something special about clothes hanging on a line, even in the snow (which makes me smile).


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