Thursday, February 12, 2009 your health!

I am regularly buying lemons to have on hand to combat the sicknesses that come visiting this time of year. I personally like to drink lemon water daily in the summertime over ice, but during the winter, I like it hot. I sometimes call it "hot lemonade" even though I don't put any sugar in it. Sometimes I stir in a teaspoon of honey for someone who has a sore throat. It is very soothing and delicious, but there are great health benefits too. Did you know that lemons are not only high in vitamin C but also in calcium, magnesium, and potassium? If you need a lift in your energy levels or want relief from head aches, menstrual problems, digestive troubles or to chase away colds and flu, consider the lemon.

To use lemons, pick fresh, ripe fruits that are bright yellow and thin-skinned. The heavier the lemon, the more juice and minerals it holds. If you have your own trees, you are blessed indeed. Wash the fruit lightly and store at room temperature if you will be using them within a week or so. Is there anything prettier than a bowl of bright, sunny lemons on the table? Use about a half a lemon per large mug. Squeeze it into the mug and pour hot water just-off-the-boil over. I prefer to cut my lemon into wedges, squeeze and then drop them into my mug so that the lemon oils are drawn from the skins. Drink this twice a day for your good health!

In the summertime, I cut lemon wedges, squeeze, and pour over cold water and add ice. Again, I toss the lemons into my glass. I like to sip it all day long, especially when I'm working hard outdoors. It is very refreshing and replenishes minerals that may be sweated out.

For more nutritional information click here, here, and here.


  1. I much the same as you do, Jody. Although, I don't mind it cold in the winter as well as the summer. But then again, my winters are not nearly as cold as yours are!

    My children enjoy hot lemonade, thank so your suggestion years ago! Yum!

    We were out of sugar this past Saturday and K wanted to make a pitcher of lemonade. She's not easily discouraged, and just ended up using stevia. We were all working so hard outside cleaning up the trees that were down from the ice storm. How refreshing to have a little girl bring everyone a tall glass of lemonade!

    I consider having lemons one of my simple luxuries!

  2. Very interesting Jody! I've always liked lemon, but it's not a huge favorite. Probably the lemon things that I do love have a lot of sugar in them. And I never thought to drink it warm -- great idea!

  3. I love lemons or limes in my ice water - but I haven't tried it hot. But I will now. Thanks!

  4. I love hot lemon water too! I put stevia in mine --- it's great for a first thing in the morning drink!

    I'm laughing about the lingerie! I went to see the Angry Chicken 'line' and it's darling! It's not the lingerie I have a complaint with, but the way they do those ads. I find them quite annoying! LOL!

    :) LaTeaDah

  5. I always crave lemons this time of year. They just seem so spring like and sunny. Clarice

  6. Maybe I should take lemons to serve at our Valentine party at co-op today. 8 moms will be out which = 1/3 of our co-op.

    I love lemon, especially lots of it in my iced tea. I love limes, too....and had both yesterday. I wonder if limes have the same benefits? Hmm...


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