Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Grandangel....

She is 7 months old today and....
She can sit up by herself,
She does the combat crawl,
She can do the yoga pose "down dog,"
She crawls on hands and knees,
And she plays her "mouth harp" while blowing raspberries.
Is she an Angel Baby Doll?

Just in case you're interested, the picture above is from a paper doll set called Angel Babies. I'm quite tempted!


  1. Oh that has to be the sweetest baby stage, right at 6 months and older. So darn sweet. I'm sure you are enjoying it...

  2. The time sure has seemed to go by quickly. I can't believe she is already "so big". Babies are just the sweetest and you are so blessed to have her close by and to be able to watch her grow.

  3. 7 months, how can that be. Those first few months go by soo fast. Clarice


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