Friday, February 27, 2009

Gold by Moonlight...

The photo was taken this evening when my family came in from the outdoors and asked if I had seen the Moon. This is what I saw.... The crescent Moon and Venus dance together as a pair in perfect step. If you enjoy the night sky, click here.

I just began reading a book that I have wanted to read for some time. It's called Gold by Moonlight by Amy Carmichael who was a beloved missionary to the people of India (1895). This quote spoke especially to my heart tonight.
There was a traveler who at first saw nothing of the light that was shining in the wood. After a while the thought moved softly -- "I am with you all the days, and all day long."

But just as a flower never presses its sweetness upon anyone but freely gives to him who desires it, and to him as often as he will, so that thought of peace did not force itself upon the traveler, and yet it did lovingly offer to his lips a cup of healing.

And then -- but how it came to be so has never yet been told -- the gloom of the darkness was gone, the light in the wood shone forth and the glory thereof.


  1. Jody, I was stopped in my tracks by Venus and the moon last night, too. It was so beautiful!

    Gold By Moonlight is one of my all-time favorite, most helpful and encouraging books, so I love this passage. There's nothing that matches this book for helping one through times of suffering (though it's good for any time).

    Those cookies just below look perfect and delicious!


  2. This is so beautiful. I marked the book for purchasing from Amazon, it looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is a really beautiful photo, Jody! I've got to ask: How did you get such a clear shot in the dark?

  4. Susan, I'm glad you were out moon-gazing too. It was so brilliant here in our clear sky.

    Merry, I hope you like the book. I know I will.

    You asked how I got that pic of the moon/Venus and I'll tell you how, but honestly, I think it was a fluke....maybe. I haven't even read the book on my little pocket-sized Canon, but have just been fiddling around. I set the function button for "night photo" and then turned off the flash. That's it. I took a few pics, trying to keep still enough for the shutter. It's a little bit fuzzier than I'd like, but for my skill level, I guess it turned out good enough. At least you can see what I was trying for anyway. S. has a tripod, but I didn't go look for it. Maybe it has something to do with me being out in sub-zero weather on my porch in my bathrobe and slippers!!!!


  5. Wasn't Amy Carmichael the most amazing woman. Her story just blew me away. I do not think I have the kind of faith she does. Clarice


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