Monday, September 08, 2008

Sweet September...

My Little Granpixie came over today.
She brought her mom and dad too.
She yawned and yawned....

So tired and content peeking out of her cocoon.
(Mommy's frontpack)

I did some reading on the front lawn...
in the Sweet September Sunshine.
Thank you God for Little Things!

(Here's what I was reading)


  1. She is such perfect, you must be over the moon. Clarice

  2. Oh what sweetness. How fun to watch her grow. Enjoy. Ok that book sounds interesting. I love project runway...
    I'm sure I have at least one of the things she recommends :0)

  3. That is the sweetest little yawn. How precious! Oh my goodness....little babies are the best. Love the pink bonnet, too.

  4. Is that you??? You look like a 25-year old -- so not fair! Do people ask you if you're that darling baby's mom???

  5. Precious,precious,precious! Oh I could squeeze those lil cheeks. ;)
    She is getting so big.

    You look purty & cozy reading your book. The weather looks lovely.

  6. She is a perfect little punkin' pie baby! We adore her. "Over the moon" is a good description of that feeling.

    Anna and Dulce, yes, the pic is of me. I really do NOT look 25, but you can't see much from a distance! You cannot see the silver tresses in my hair. For some reason, they come off as reflection in photos. I have very naturally curly hair. Very.

    I'm trying to take even a few minutes each day to sit in my chair and soak in every bit of this sweet September sunshine before it's all gone.


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