Thursday, September 25, 2008

O Happy Day!

Thanks everybody for your comments in the last post about the Hollyhock Nigra. I'm hear to announce that EVERYONE'S a winner! So if you are reading this, please send me an email with your name and postal address so I can ship your seeds out to you. It's really best to plant them in the fall, but if you wish to wait until spring, you can do that too.

Email me at this address: courtney(at)wbaccess(dot)net

My satellite internet was totally down for the past few days so I apologize for the long wait. It's up and running great now! O HAPPY DAY! In the meantime, I've gotten my carpets cleaned, windows washed, and even took a drive through the Canyon with my hubby to take in the autumn colors. O HAPPY DAY! Beautiful, warm, sunny Indian summer day today. O HAPPY DAY! Jesus washed my sins away! O HAPPY DAY!

Sing it with me......


  1. Jody, I can't watch this video, but you make me happy just reading your words! Clean carpets and windows and a lovely drive with your husband on a perfect autumn day-- can it get any better?! :-)

    And, yippee! I win! :-) And I will look forward to this. Thank you. I'll send my address, but I believe you have it already.


  2. Hooray!!

    Thank you!!

    I think you have my address too don't you Jody?

  3. What a fun link -- I'd forgotten about the Sister Act movies -- I loved those!!! And thanks for the seeds -- you're a sweetie!!!

  4. Kudos for accomplishing so much while internet was down. Perhaps I should do likewise? A drive to admire fall colors sounds lovely. We're just beginning to see leaves turning here. Around our home, it's mostly evergreens.

    Everyone's a winner? Yeah ~ how fun is that?! ThanX so much, my friend. E-mail is on it's way...

  5. Just gorgeous Jody. Don't send seeds to me, the post office don't allow it (I found this to my chagrin!)

  6. Your the sweetest xoxoxo Clarice

  7. I'll be packeting up the seeds in the coming week and will be sending them to those of you who email me your postal addresses. It'll be nice to know a little piece of my life will be planted into yours.

    Dulce, I'm so sorry you can't receive the seeds. Bummer.


  8. Hi, do you think I could have some of those seeds? I live in Québec , Canada. And how I love gardening and I love love love holyhocks but don't have any anymore. If yes here are my coordinates.
    Nathalie brault
    280 Evelyne
    St-Calixte, Québec
    J0K 1Z0

    If I in return can do something for you just let me know. Blessings....xx

    It is so nice of you.


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