Saturday, July 05, 2008

Making stuff....

I've been making stuff.
Above are some clothespin bags that I tried. There are two different styles, and I really like both of them. Don't they look like they are talking to one another?

The green clothespin bag is made with a larger hanger and the yellow one can be buttoned directly onto the clothesline or buttoned onto a child-sized hanger as you see here. I made the green one for myself (practice bag) and this yellow one for a bride-to-be, and a couple others too. My daughter-in-love got one and another friend will get one in her birthday box. You will find tutorials for these clothespin bags at My Lucky Chicken and at Christy's Creations.

I love to embroider so I thought I'd add another gift for the new bride. All brides really ought to have a few cute tea towels to add to their kitchen linens, don't you think? I was crazy over these BEE patterns. There must be six or so to print off. I was browsing at Hoop Love Flickr Group for some embroidery ideas and landed these little Bees at Beetastic's Vintage Finds starting on this page. Don't miss her vintage dancing fruits and veggies either! O Sew Cute!!

Sometimes people ask me where to find quality flour sack towels. You sure don't find them at Wal Mart. Those cheapies get ratty and go to shreds in no time. My best outlet is American Chair (I know, it doesn't sound like a place to buy flour sack towels). I like the 30x30" set of 10. You can't beat them for quality and price anywhere!


  1. Oh boy! I've just printed some for me too!! Going to Walmart tomorrow for ric-rac!

  2. Oh man! those clothespin bags bring back memories. I remember hanging diapers on the clothes line for my younger brothers and sister...
    Those were the days way back in the early late 50's and early 60's. They really do look like they are talking to each other!

  3. Wow! Thanks for that great embroidery link! Your clothespin bags are so cute -- you cracked me up with your comment about them talking to each other -- how funny!

  4. Oh Jody you finished the towels, I LOVE it. I really love how they turned out !!!!!
    Love Clarice

  5. WOW, beautiful handiwork, Miss Lily! I love the floursack towels (thanX for the great link) and those clothespin bags are just too cute! I wonder what they are chatting about?! ;-)

  6. Jody, I love your title pic (ok ALL of them for that matter)! You certainly seem to have no end of inspiring sujects! I am really enjoying the nature sounds too: ) I can almost feeling those blasted mosquitoes hovering above my skin!LOL!

  7. I wonder what they are chatting about :-)

  8. These are beautiful! I love your creativity. You get so much more accomplished than I do..=)


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