Saturday, July 12, 2008

She's a GIRL...

Our first grandbaby has arrived.
July 11th, 2008
She's a darling-dumpling, sugar-plum, cuppycake-gumdrop!
We called her "Shelly Peach" before she made her debut because calling a baby "it" is not what I'm about, so I decided to give her a special prenatal name. It's a love name, a pet name, and I'm thinking it might even stick.

Her real name is Hazel Marie, named for her great grandmother.
I can imagine her with pigtails and bib over-alls walking through the pasture to Gramma's House for cookies and milk and a storybook. I admit it, I'm smitten.
Look at this book that I've picked out for her!

I think Hazel will have her copy and Grammy will have one at her house. Am I going to have fun or what? (She lives next door!!!)


  1. Oh how blessed you are! Enjoy your sweet little bundle of Joy!! Congratulations to all of you...

  2. OH HOW EXCITING!!! Very big congratulations Grandma -- and how lucky is having them live next door? What a dream!

  3. Jody! Enjoy that sweet baby girl!

    Kim :-)

  4. Congratulations, well how could you not be smitten. You know we lived with my mother when the girls were young. My mother always had her own “library” upstairs in her room. The girls loved it. Those were special grandma books and even though we would occasionally borrow them. Mostly the girls like to go hang out at grandma’s and look at the books. Love Clarice

  5. Congratulations! I was thrilled when my first grandchild was a girl.

    I immediately went to Amazon and started looking for used copies of the Brambley Hedge books. I could just "see" her reading them someday.

    Now she is six years old and has has three siblings but there will always be something special about her being the first... and a girl to boot!

  6. Congratulations on your new little sweetie! How very lucky you are! Twyla

  7. What a sweet,picture & introduction to your granddaughter. I had the sniffles again!;)

    Congratulations Grammy!


  8. I am so happy for you! What a special Grammy you are! Hazel is blessed!

    ~Lisa L

  9. You are in for great times, Jody!! I'm so happy for you all. A priceless treasure to live next door. Ah, the tea parties, dancing, sugar and spice and everything nice. To experience the wonder of a brand new little gift from heaven is going to astonish you---it did me. Looking forward to hearing more!


  10. Congratulations.
    Cherish her always as I know you will.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  11. Congratulations!!!! What wonderful news! Many blessings on your new little granddaughter and the whole family.

  12. Hi there Grandma!
    Congratulations Jody, my mother tells me that grandchildren are an absolute blast! Hazel is a lovely name, and that Elsa Beskow book is such a treasure for her!

  13. Congratulations! I totally agree that stocking the library is an important first step. Many hours of happy reading to you!

  14. My grandaughter is the best thing that ever happened to our family. She lights up our hearts every time we look at her (or just think about her).

    Have fun! And congratulations.

  15. What lovely news! Congratulations to all of you, and much happiness too!


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