Friday, November 02, 2007

Write it down

Have you ever heard a little child say something so funny or so darn cute and said to the mother, "Now you be sure to write that down"? Well, just yesterday I was cleaning out an old file cabinet and came across three notebooks. I didn't know what they might be so I looked a little bit closer and found that they were notebooks that I had journaled in from the 1990's. This was the time in my life when I had five children spaced two years apart -- all of them under 9 years of age. And can you believe it? I actually wrote something down on paper! We've all been having such fun reading through these notebooks and sharing stories and remembering when. Two of the boys found the entries about the day they were born. I thought you might like to hear a few sweet things my dear children spoke in my hearing back then.


I asked J. to put his shoes on. He didn't want to so I asked, "Are you big or little?" He replied, "Mom, I'm a little big!"

All the children were in trouble today. At prayers this evening J. prayed, "God, please put away our bad day."

"I wish there were lots of moms so each of us could have one."

Hubby was preparing to cut the brownies for dessert and decided to tip the whole pan out first. I yelled at him to put them back into the pan and cut them, but Hubs just smiled and cut a big hunk off and served them as he pleased. The childrens' eyes were big as they watched Dad do it his way. One of them, mezmorized by what he had just witnessed said in awe, "I believe in Dad," as if he were saying, "I believe in Peter Pan."

Before dinner G. and I had a visit. She was telling me, "Mom, when I get big like you, you and Dad will be the Grandma and Grandpa and A. will be my husband. "No," I said, "A. is your brother. You'll have to find a man you love and marry him." "And he can play with the babies!" she exclaimed. "And then when I'm big like you, I'll have a knife and know how to butter my own toast, and I'll wash the dishes and cook the food."

G. told her grandma, "You can keep all my brothers except J., but when he grows up, you can take him too."

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  2. Found your blog, through someone, via someone, etc.. This post made me smile and think how lucky to have such precious memories in writing. My mom gave my daughter-in-law a 3 x 5 file box when they adopted their first baby, each card has something cute on it.

    And girl it looks like your next post is post 100.. stop by my blog I'm having a giveaway from my 100th.

  3. Oh, Jody this gave us (yes all of us)a case of the giggles! Some of these are just too cute. You should send the "I wish there were lots of moms..." into the Girl Talk blog for the Friday Funnies!! I am up for more... : )

  4. I wish I had been so wise. What a precious set of memories you have now to match your precious family~!

  5. Those are wonderful. I kept up baby books for my children at east till they were 6. They frequently get them out as well as photos and read what they said. It's always a sweet memory! You're right if we think we will remember you will regret not writing it down!

  6. Those were just wonderful. I love how children think. Clarice

  7. Sweet! I've done this for all of my 9 kids, too...someday I'd like to type them up nice and neat and put them into some sort of keepsake book, rather than a notebook and slips of paper! Great memories for your family, Jody!

  8. Wow that is so precious. I think I need to remember that more. This is a big part of why I blog.

  9. I love the funny things kids say--and they are always so earnest about it.

  10. That was fun to read, Jody! I like G's idea of giving the brothers to grandma! :) I know I wrote some things down my kids said, I just need to figure out where I put them!

  11. Priceless! Aren't you so happy you wrote it down?!

  12. I used to write such things down on my calendars. I'm so glad I did. Your post is a charming one Jody.

    Best wishes to you!

  13. What memories to cherish Jody. Wish I'd thought about that when A & D were young. LOved reading those memories.


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