Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day of Preparation

Tie on your aprons girls!
The Day of Preparation is upon us!

The day before any major holiday has been dubbed by Hubs: "The Day Of Preparation." This is the day that we Daughters of Man work in the kitchen and all around the house to prepare for a smooth holiday where the turkey, potatoes, gravy and the cranberries go forth from the kitchen to a beautifully set table all at the same time...... with grace and charm.

In the home surfaces are dusted, guest beds are freshly washed, bathrooms shine and floors are scrubbed while the rugs are shaken and aired outdoors.

It's business time in the kitchen -- a variety of pies are whacked up and breads are baked while salads are whipped and cranberries are jelled. Oh what a day! It's hard work, it's fun, it smells good, and I can't wait to serve it all up to my loved ones. The college boy arrived this afternoon, and more are to come home tomorrow.

Now.....what shall I make for supper?


  1. Well I made it through today J now tomorrow I can look like it was all a breeze. Love Clarice

  2. It was a 'day of preparation' here as well and happily a lot was accomplished. (We had leftovers for dinner :)
    Have a great Thanksgiving day Jodi!


  3. Well you "painted" my day perfectly! I loved the vintage add in your post... beautiful blog by the way... from one country girl to another, Happy Thanksgiving my friend!
    - Jo

  4. Great picture! Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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