Monday, November 26, 2007

Making Napkins

I just thought I'd share another little project I have going -- napkins!

A friend shared these online instructions with me and I'm having a ball sewing these up! So far, I've made plain single-sided, mitered corner napkins and these (pictured) double-sided, mitered napkins. I really love the look of them, don't you? I know they're a little bit LoUd, but the Special Someone I made them for likes bright, bold colors.

Here are a couple other napkin tutorials you may enjoy.
The Purl Bee (scroll down a ways)

Are you handi-crafting Christmas gifts?


  1. Jody, Aren't these quick and fun!? And I think BRIGHT is nice. It adds so much to the home table and makes those seated there feel special. Good work, girl!


  2. I plan (after Christmas) to make all new napkins. Mine are getting pretty ruff around the edges. Love Clarice

  3. Your napkins look happy and joyful--I'm sure the recipient will love them. And yes, I am indeed handcrafting my Christmas gifts--and having a blast doing so.


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