Friday, June 14, 2019


Hello!  It's me.  I'm here!

 May snow

The winter and the spring was long and cold and snowy for us and we just got so busy and worn out that I chose to stop blogging for a while.  But here it is, June!  I'm so thankful that we are in June now. The winter snows and spring snows and rains have made everything green and beautiful.  We had snows all through to the end of May and our June has been mostly cool too.  The trees didn't even leaf out until June.

Bringing cows and calves in right by our house.

We've got the sheep all lambed out and the calves branded and out to summer pasture.  There's so much grass that the cows and sheep will never keep up with it.  What a blessing it is to see our prairie so green with thick grass and wildflowers.

The winter snows have brought up flowers of all kinds.  The prairie is just beautiful and we are seeing wildflowers that we have not seen in years.  CarpeterSon brought me a wildflower bouquet from the pastures as he was out checking cows and calves today.  He is so thoughtful.

I didn't get my garden in until June and I'm always amazed at how quickly the seeds germinate and come up when the ground is finally warm.  For me, it is never a good idea to plant my garden seeds until June 1st or so.  I put in lots more flowers this year and I'm excited about that.  I mixed several kinds of annuals together with some fine sand and planted them in rows.  I'm looking forward to some summer bouquets for the house and some to share with friends.  There will be cosmos, zinnias, larkspur, Bells of Ireland, marigolds, and sunflowers.  My shrub roses are full of buds and I can't wait to see them in full bloom soon.

The grandkids and I are keeping our lists of birds again this year.  It's so exciting to see all of the migrant birds come back to spend the spring and summer with us.  We are constantly sharing our bird sightings and encourage each other to keep a watchful eye for the newest bird arrival or for nests and baby birds.

I hope you're all enjoying spring where you are. 


  1. Hello friend,

    You've been on my mind. Good to see you back.

  2. Glad to hear from you, Jody! We've been having the same late start to summer here in northern Minnesota. I'm so glad you've gotten lots of moisture and your grass is doing so well! The photo of the flowers in the snow is gorgeous! Have a happy summer!

  3. Hi, Jody,
    It looks beautiful on the prairie! I can imagine that the flower display is as gorgeous as all the green grass is, and with your own cultivated garden you will keep the flowers coming all summer. Happy animals! Happy humans! Thank God for the seasons, especially the warm ones :-)

  4. That first picture is so amazing, snow and all those flowers poking through.
    We have been experiencing a very hot summer, felt most of all byour St. Bernard Ben. The monsoons have set in now and we are getting the odd showers which have cooled things down here in the hills but the plains are still boiling.
    Have a great summer.

  5. I am so glad you posted. It is so wonderful to see all of that green grass and all of the flowers. What a wonderful blessing.
    How nice to read that you have so much grass that the cows won't be able to keep up. What a gift this year.
    So nice to read your post.

  6. I love all those annuals that you sowed. I hope they grow and reward you with lots of colour!

  7. Nice to see a post from you. That snow really did a good work on greening things up for you. How fun it must be to see a great variety of wildflowers and a very thoughtful son to bring you a bouquet. I should follow suit and keep a log of birds we see in our back yard. Happy June to you and yours!

  8. I love to see the seasons change through your eyes, very different from our lives around here. Glad you're posting again, keeping busy and enjoying the summer.

  9. Hi, Jody! Sounds like y'all had a long winter. Our late-May was brutal and hot, with drought. We were watering, which doesn't happen often here! Glad you got moisture in your soil :) Good nibbles for the livestock. May your June be lovely and full of new life!

  10. I've missed you. Loved the photo of flowers in the snow.

  11. It is so good to hear from you again. I sure know what you mean about being tired. I don't know if it was the cold spring or what, but I felt the same. Everything looks very green. Your cows and calves sure look good!

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