Thursday, February 08, 2018

New lambing set-up...


 Downy Woodpecker

Moving snow off the road in front of our house.

We are all so happy with our newly revamped lambing barn and the new lamb panels set-up.  Not only did the men improve our barn exterior, but they built these wire and steel panels.  When the ewes and lambs spend a day in a small jug (pen) they graduate to a larger pen before they are sent out the door to the wide world.  These larger pens are the ones you see above that the fellas made this fall.  The whole set-up in the barn is different and very handy.  We think the ewes and lambs like it too because although they are separated by the panels, they can see each other and that gives them some security since they are herd animals who do not like isolation.

Last night another wave of snow hit and made driving up to the barn a problem.  With the blowing  snow drifting across the road, it was a little tricky and at times I felt I didn't know if I was actually on the road or not.  The last thing I wanted to do was to wind up in the ditch and have to walk home at 3:00 a.m.  But I made it just fine.  Today we've been having more and more snow which continues to drift everywhere.  We are hoping that it lets up this afternoon so the men won't have to plow the roads anymore and we can find our way up to the barn as well as to get out and feed cows.  The good thing about all this snow is the moisture.  We've been quite dry here and although snow isn't "wet" right now, when it does melt, there is hope of fresh, run-off in creeks and stock dams.

The Redpolls have been swarming the feeders today and we've had a visitor from the Downy Woodpecker too.  They are so fun to watch.  I'm spending a little time in between barn checks with my embroidery.  I have a couple projects going as well as the TAST embroidery stitches each week.  It's been fun incorporating the stitches into my projects.

Tonight the Winter Olympics start with Curling for one event.  It's the funniest sport to me.  I'm thinking that they are showing it early in hopes of gaining viewers.  There's also figure skating and downhill moguls tonight.  The Opening Ceremonies are tomorrow. Yay!


  1. Awwww, look at those adorable little lambies. I wish I lived closer -- I'd brave those snow drifts and freezing temperatures just to come and cuddle little lambies. I'd even take the mid-night bummie feedings LOL!

  2. Oh boy, glad you made it back to the house okay. That's great that your upgrades make for better lambing. Curling is a relaxing sport to watch for the most part. :) Thanks for the heads up that it starts tonight! Hope the snow lets off and your plowing stays clear.

  3. Oh, I know that feeling of wondering if you're on the road, and also slogging through thigh deep drifts to make it home. So glad you have good equipment to clear things out! And your lambing setup does look good! Enjoy your embroidery and the Olympics. Makes me wish I had TV! We have a curling club about 35 miles away, but I'd never seen it actually done until I watched it on the Olympics years ago. :)

  4. I'm so glad for all your snow, and the moisture that will follow. Your pens look really good! Happy little animals. I told Adam you sheer the sheep right before lambing, and he was shocked - they would be cold this time of year! I showed him your nice cozy barn set up :)
    We're watching Olympics right now, via Canadian broadcasting. Curling was fun this morning!

  5. The lambs are arriving! You told us they would ;-) I love peeking into your world where I can enjoy the beauty of the snow at the same time I am feeling all balmy in my cotton dress. God bless you as you husband your dear animals.

  6. The lambs are cute but they look too fragile to be sent out into a big COLD world!!

  7. Aw! The lambs! I am worried about you driving in the snow. I don't want you to slip into the ditch! Stay safe, friend!
    My sister watched curling, too.

  8. Lambs are the gangliest things! I love the new barn remodel. It sure has been cold! We also have a lot of snow, wind, and freezing temps. We have to be on the downhill slide. Be safe!


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