Monday, February 05, 2018

First lambs are born...

The first lambs have dropped!  Twins were born last night, the first set of 2018 with over 200 more ewes to go!  We got another dumping of snow last night which made our county roads pretty drifted.  I have to admit, it was a beautiful sight to see the prairie road drifted over like waves on the sea.  Much more wind and more snow will make roads impassible.  Thankfully, we know the man with the road plow and he plans to make a pass down our road today.

 Going out with no trail.

Coming back with a drifted trail.

 Image from American Sheep Industry

If you like wool like I do, be sure to notice the U.S. Olympic Team's official outfits for the opening and closing ceremonies in South Korea this February 9th and 25th.  They will be sporting American-raised wool sweaters, hats and mittens by designer, Ralph Lauren.  Korea is expecting very cold temperatures during the ceremonies and so wool will be a good fit for keeping our athletes warm.  If you'd like to read the full story in the Sheep Industry Magazine, click here.  I just love watching the Winter Olympics, and I look forward to checking in on all the events and the stats in the days to come.  Are you a Winter Olympics watcher?  What's your favorite event?  I like the downhill skiing and snowboarding.  I do love to watch the luge and bobsled and never miss the speed skating or figure skating either.  How about curling?  That's a funny one to me.  The biathlon (cross country skiing and shooting) looks very hard to me.  As you can see, I really love ALL of it!


  1. I do like to watch the Olympics but I don't have TV at the moment. Enjoy! And watch your step on that disappearing road! :) Congrats, Mama Sheep #1!

  2. Your roads look like a good reason to stay home, haha! I do love the Olympics, and enjoy the figure skating the most, but the speed skating is great too. It's all good. We'll be watching!

  3. I like those things too. Wow, that is a lot of snow. I was just thinking about and and thinking I bet you were in the thick of it lambing.
    Stay warm.

  4. That was fast. Healthy start to the new year. Do you know any local sweater or hat makers?

  5. YAY! The lambing has started -- how exciting! I'm not much of an olympics watcher, but now I'll have to at least watch for the sweaters and hats LOL. A few years ago, the kids really wanted those Ralph Lauren Olympic ski hats, so I figured out how to make them and they turned out great - thanks for the reminder!!!

  6. So glad to hear the wool and designer are American. I don't have television so don't watch anything; I am praying for safety for all.

  7. I love the skiing and snowboarding, too! By far my faves. :) I love the American Olympic gear, and the whole idea of using American wool. So cool. Both types of skating are fun, too. And everything! I just love it all.

    It's so pretty there where you are. Love the snow, and it looks sooooo cold! Stay warm!

  8. Yay for lambing! Those drifts are amazing!
    I like the skating but I'm not much of a sports watcher. We'll see. I like to watch with grands because they find the pretty stuff interesting.


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