Thursday, August 10, 2017

Z is for....

Zinnias! Zucchini!
Now trending at our place.

How about some zucchini bread?

Oh the joy of gardening up north where I live.  You go along watering and weeding forever, so it seems, and then all of the sudden, everything is ready for picking all at once. I'm not complaining, but geez, there's a lot of zucchini (especially when you have four plants) and the cukes are going to literally explode.  I picked a good mess of green beans that we will eat tonight with our supper.  

I planted one cabbage that I just picked.  It's the size of a basketball.  I could probably turn it into a gallon of sauerkraut but we'll probably just eat it as slaw.  I was thinking to myself, "What if I had planted a row of cabbages?"  I would need to make a five gallon crock of sauerkraut.  I guess that's why my Grandma used to make sauerkraut.  Not only was she German, but she probably had a whole row of cabbages that were mature at the same time.  How else do you preserve cabbage?

I just dug up the garlic and it produced beautifully.  It's not as big as Dad's, but I'm happy with my crop. I'll save some back for "seed" to plant this fall and the rest we will eat.  I think I need to plant lots more garlic.

What's trending at your place?


  1. How about a great big pot of Cabbage Borsch? Yum. Love your Zinnias, so pretty. Fresh garlic...amazing. Many blogs and emails talking about Zucchini today. :)

  2. How nice!! It all looks lovely. That is a funny thing about gardens, you wait and wait and then they explode. :) Your bread turned out lovely. I am just watching my pumpkins. I am hoping for lots more but I think so far I only have four. Such a nice time of year.

  3. Everything looks grand! I'm canning beans, mixed veggies, jam, and getting ready to braid sweetgrass. Very very busy here. I'm still getting peas. My tomatoes, however, are extremely pokey.

  4. Oh you lucky girl! I gave up on zucchini -- although, we've had such beautiful weather this year, I'm thinking the plants might have been successful. Your zinnias are looking beautiful -- mine are just starting to bloom 'cause I was late planting the seeds this year. Also, we love just good ol' steamed cabbage -- with butter and salt and pepper of course LOL!

  5. Wow! Yay for that luscious bread! I picked a beautiful zuc today. I might make bread.
    I have too many plants!
    I would love to have a taste of Granny's kraut.

  6. I feel like that today - not even that much in my garden, but all at once. I should put up a picture and call it blogging... because after getting sweaty picking things, I need to put it away somehow!

  7. We had zinnias this summer(April - May) and I've saved some seeds to plant again next year.
    I want to grow zuccini and when I do I'm going to get that recipe for zucinni bread from you.
    It is such a pleasure to grow your own food and distribute them amongst friends.

  8. What's trending here? WEEDS! Haha :) Actually, I finally have loofahs maturing, six so far. I'll put it in my soap. We still have tomatoes and cucumbers, but they're both tapering off. The sweet potatoes are looking very nice and we'll harvest them soon. I'm about to put in more bush beans, this time with protection from the rabbits.


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