Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summer goodness...

This recipe is so magnificent!  I found it on Simply Recipes, where I find lots of delicious recipes.  I constantly refer to it when in doubt about how to fix something.  The flavor combination in this bread is excellent.  I hope you try it, especially if you're loaded with zucchini like I am.

A spade 'o spuds!

Do you see my broken spade handle there?  The spade is perfectly fine, but it needs the right sized handle to replace the old, broken one.  But guess what?  The new handles, this size, are hard to come by and they cost more than a brand new garden spade! Do you ever find this as frustrating as I do?  It used to be that we would replace handles on everything, and we still do, for the most part, but on occasion, the new shovel is cheaper than the handle.

About the potatoes:  I dug a spadeful to check on them and see how they are coming along.  Quite a nice bunch of medium sized red spuds.  And no scab so far this year!  We dined on a nice skillet of fried potatoes this evening along with our green beans with onions and walnuts.  So good!

A bowl o' beans!

The green beans are prolific right now.  Every few days, I can go pick another bowl of beans that feeds us at least twice.  These are the nicest beans I've grown.  They are slender and tender and just the way I want my green beans to be.  Of course, if I don't stay on top of picking them, they get  F A T  and tough, which I do not like at all.  The variety I'm growing this year are from Renee's Garden Seeds and they are called, Rolande Bush French Filet Beans.  They are definitely a "do again" in my garden.

A remuda of horses

On the drive to town last week, I took the short cut on the gravel road.  It's 35 miles of winding gravel road and just 10 miles of paved road into town this way.  It's the scenic route, for sure.  See what I met at one of the car gates?  The neighbor's horses all standing together swatting flies.  Pretty, aren't they?

A herd of ewes

This morning we moved the ewes to greener pastures.  Can you see the green pasture they are going to graze?  It's our hay field which is coming back nicely due to some recent rains.  We won't hay it again, there's not enough there, but we will graze it this fall.  Lucky ewes!  It doesn't look like many sheep now since we weaned the ewe lambs off the ewes two days ago. All the sheep got wormed and checked -- poor teeth and poor bags and any other undesirable features were marked. Those ewes will be culled.  There are 50 ewe lambs and they just got their tags -- red this year.  Each year we put a different color in the ewe lambs ears so we know their age.  It won't be long and we'll be turning the bucks into the mature ewes for breeding.  Time sure does fly!

Yesterday we bought a box of Colorado peaches.  Oh my, but they are juicy and delicious.  I had one for my breakfast this morning and this afternoon I made a pie.  Such summer goodness all around me.  I hope you're enjoying the goodness all around you.

"We might think we are nurturing out garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us."  ~Jenny Uglow


  1. Yes! I do have lots of zucchini! Thank you for the recipe!
    I'm glad the ewes can graze the hayfield.

  2. What a nice blog. I love your summer crops and all of the wonderful things you are doing. It looks like a wonderful recipe. I just finished the book Letter Of a Woman Homesteader. By Elinor Stewart. I thought of you the whole time. Its a great little book and her garden was a whole acre. She grew two tons of potatoes and a ton of carrots!
    Have you ever read it? Your hayfield looks wonderful. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Oh I would love that paint horse in the front. :) My first horse was a paint so I am partial. :)

  4. Those potatoes and beans look wonderful Jody. It looks like you're having a great summer -- too bad it's almost over. ;-(

  5. Loved the photos of the horses and the ewes. You are enjoying some great fresh produce from your own garden. Yum.
    Your peaches and peach pie sound so good!

  6. I don't have ANY summer squash, and no one has even offered me any! Isn't that strange? I may have to buy some to try out that recipe. ;-)

    Your beans look beautiful, smoother than mine. I always plant Blue Lake, but maybe I will try your kind next year!

  7. I wish my husband liked peach pie or kuchen. Alas he does not and I cannot eat the whole thing by myself. If I could ever grow a zucchini I would try your bread. It looks right up my alt. I've only grown two zucchinis in my garden and I lost one. Do you think someone came and took it? Ha! Things look great.

  8. Isn't peach pie just wonderful? It's my favorite fruit pie. I brought some peaches back from WVa and need to get them out of the freezer to make something with them.
    Your summer looks quite satisfying. Such nice beans! Thanks for the recommendation. I bought some bush Blue Lake beans and have put them in twice now. Adam built a fence around them to keep the rabbits out this time! Yes, we break handles quite regularly and replace them from the hardware store. I'd keep that spade -- it might be better quality metal than the new ones that are so cheap :(


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