Saturday, March 04, 2017

First calves born....

Yesterday this lil heifer calf was born to a first-time mama.  We've had some pretty nice days lately, and Mama picked a good day to bring her baby into the Big Ol' World!  Two more heifer calves were born today.  We should be on a roll with new babies coming daily!

Meanwhile, I've been taking advantage of these warm days by washing our filthy coats and gloves after lambing season.  Not that we won't get dirty during calving season.  We will.  But you know, sometimes you just hafta start fresh even though you know you're going to get dirty again in no time.  I've also been washing the mud room rugs and putting them in the sunshine to dry.  The clothes line is getting a good spring workout with all those work clothes.  The sheets went on the line to dry this morning, and I can hardly wait to climb into crisp, sun-dried, wind-whipped sheets tonight!  Oh, the lovely smell!  I've been airing the house too with windows wide open while the 60 degree breezes blow through and carry the stale air out.  I spent a little time soaking in some sunshine and indulging in my current book:  The Scent of Water by Elizabeth Goudge.  It might be my favorite book, but then again, I have quite a few favorite books! 

I hope you've had a nice Saturday.  What's new at your house?


  1. Lovely! I DO love that book!
    Cheers for fresh breezes and fragrant beds!
    Yay for cows giving birth!

  2. I'm going to have to go to the bookcase and see if we have that one. I so enjoy Goudge. My brain is so much like a sieve that I can never remember which ones I've read. How nice to have some sunshine right now and the opportunity to dry clean things in the breezes. You must have a great heavy duty washer!!

  3. I love that top picture with that knobby kneed little lamb. Your Momma cow already looks like a good Mom. I love that look she is giving you. You can look from that far and no more. :) I love drying everything is the warm sunshine. Great book to read. One of my favorites as well. Have a lovely week.

  4. It sounds so satisfying to get all of the dirty chore clothes washed along with the bedding. You've been productive. So have those cows! I'm hoping you'll have lots more lovely weather and that it will drift my way. :)

  5. That hefier seems a tad confused. Glad you got a chance to catch up and clean up. Hope you didn't get this nasty wind and snow.

  6. The new calf is utterly adorable. Exciting times :-)

  7. Welcome little calves! And welcome sunny days for making chores and play delightful!


  8. Prepping for our oldest granddaughter's wedding in early June here. Reception is in our yard, so the work will soon begin to pretty it up. I made three 35 ft buntings to stretch across the tent. Used vintage laces and drop cloth fabric. Bands of ecru colored laces have been wrapped around the middle of vintage glass top mason jars - for floral arrangements on the tables. And on it goes. Always enjoy your spring posts. I haven't been to the blogs in awhile, but saw yours pop up on pinterest. Happy Spring!!!


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