Thursday, March 02, 2017

All done!

 The last bunch of ewes and lambs.

 The little lambs are 3 day old bum lambs and the two bigger lambs were bummed today when their mother died in the pasture.  Look at the difference in size.  
The big lambs are about 14 days old.

The last ewe lambed today!  We're all done!  The next round of lambs will come in May when the yearling ewes will have their babies.  We docked a small bunch couple days ago and a bunch today, and we'll have one more bigger docking to do in a few days.
Here's the Tally:
38 ewes had 70 lambs
That's 180% on this bunch!

Next up:  Calving Heifers!  They are due any day.  We have a group on The Hill close to our house so where can keep an eye on them.  This bunch was bred on the same day so it is possible that we will have a lot of babies coming all at once!  Stay tuned!


  1. Good thing we are only waiting for one baby! :)
    Those lambs are so cute.

  2. The little lambies are SO cute! Busy, busy time for you. LOVE the new header -- it's perfect!


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