Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Sheepies & Lambies...

 A group of singles.

 Eating while they wait.

 This little ewe lamb is getting bottle fed.
Her mama has been sick and has no milk.

Just born...all wet and not yet licked off.
She's yelling for her mama and trying to stand up.
She's one of a set triplets born this morning.
We're dragging them in as soon as they're born due to cold temperatures.
It's just 8 degrees at 1:00 pm.  Brrrr!


  1. Oh that is cold. Sweet little ewes.

  2. Cute little bugger. Do you keep triplets on the ewe or try to farm one of them onto a ewe that has one vor none?

    1. If we can graft a triplet onto a mother who has lost a lamb, we do that. What we find is that one of the triplets ends up being weaker than the others and doesn't do well so we usually take them off to graft or bottle feed them. We have two people who want to buy bum lambs from us this spring so that's a good way to give them homes.

  3. How Fun -- I want YOUR job!!! What better way to brighten up the cold, gray days of February???

  4. Stay warm! And keep these little darlings warm as well :-)

  5. Busy! The lambs are so sweet and vulnerable. I'm glad you take care of them.


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