Saturday, February 11, 2017

Chinook wind...

 From blowing, drifting snows... this on 2.10.17.

The Chinooks (as we call them on the Northern Prairies) blew warm and hard, cutting ice and snow in just a night and a day.  Chinook is an American Indian word that is translated as "snow-eater."  We went from a daytime high of 15 degrees to 45 degrees in less than 24 hours.  The Chinooks continued into the next day and warmed us up to 55 degrees.  With all that wind and warmth, we've now got mud and puddles of fresh water everywhere.  The cattle and sheep are so happy to be able to walk away from deep snow and find little sprouts of green grass to graze and snow-melt to sip.  Yesterday it even rained here a little bit.  It just feels like spring is arriving, but I know we are likely not out of Winter's grasp yet.  The thaw is a nice reprieve though!

Lots of baby lambs are arriving daily.  
This one below was exceptionally BIG!

Do you have warm winds that blow in your area?
Is there a name for them?


  1. Wow...that is a big lamb! The only thing I can compare to Chinooks are the Santa Ana Winds we experienced in Southern California. Glad you are having a reprieve from snow and freezing temps.

  2. That is exciting weather of a cheering sort!

  3. Those warm winds are a surprise! With our warmer temps it's easy to forget it's still winter.

  4. I always find that so interesting. The last rain storm was so warm it melted lots of snow.
    We have Santa Ana winds. I am so glad that you can see the ground. That is a big lamb.

  5. We had a beautiful weekend -- windy but so nice to be able to go outside without our winter coats. So odd for February!

  6. The only "special name" for a particular wind that we have in our area is a Nor'easter. They come from the northeast and blue into the Pamlico Sound, and then straight into the mouth of the Neuse River, blowing the water up into the creeks and causing high water all along our area of the coast. Often if we have flooding, it's not from rains, but from a long-lasting Nor'easter.

  7. That is amazing! we set records here on Saturday it was 94! I had to run the ac. Now its in the 40's with rain and a chance for snow! Crazy!


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