Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Three little girls are coming...

 Three little girls are coming to stay with their Papa and Grammy
while Mommy and Daddy go on a trip.
We will do lots of good things like baking cookies.
 The girls have their own babies, so they will come too!

 I'm sure there will be plenty of toys around the house.

 Since there is snow, we will dress like Eskimos and play outside!
The cousins live next door so there will be lots of outdoor fun!

 Grammy will ask the girls to help her sweep and dust and pick up.

 There will be extra clothes to wash and fold.

Outdoor play and work will make our hands and toes cold!

We will read lots of books.

 Before bedtime, we will say our prayers and sing our songs.

And hopefully each little girl will sleep all night!
(Pictures by illustrator, Eloise Wilkin)


  1. Aw! What perfect plans. I'll be praying ❤

  2. Isn't it fun to have such lively company. Have wonderful adventures. I love the art. They don't make books like they used to.

  3. PS😊 Isn't Eloise Wilken a treasure? Her art takes me back to my childhood.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful visit. I love these illustrations--so sweet!

  5. Sweetest post with those fabulous illustrations. Love each one and I do hope the dear little girlies will be able to sleep through the night!

  6. I immediately knew this was Eloise Wilkin, I just love her artwork. And what a lovely story you've written, Jody! I am so thankful to have those same experiences with our grands. And we've snuggled close looking at many of those same pictures. Enjoy your time with your littles!

  7. Hello my friend! I've been thinking of you and of course, that means praying for you as well: for the energy of a 25 year old, the creativity of a 10 year old, the sleep of a teenager, the firmness of Mama Jody, and the wisdom and patience of Jesus. I'm praying sweet, sweet memories will be made.

    May the littles brush your hair, massage your feet, unload the dishwasher, comfort each other, and obey quickly...and may they sleep all through the night!


  8. Sounds like you are going to have lots of fun with your girls. I love all of those pictures. I had those books too and read them ragged. Have fun with your girls.

  9. And you forgot that Grammy will be VERY tired at night ;-D.

    Sounds like so much fun -- have a wonderful time!

  10. Love all the pictures! Have fun with your sweet little grands!

  11. Eloise Wilkin is my absolute favorite! Her pictures are perfect for the sweet guests you are hosting :-)

  12. Wilkins's illustrations are so sweet! Have a wonderful time with all those little ones. Cousin friendships are the best throughout life! You are making wonderful family bonds.


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