Sunday, January 15, 2017

Snow walking...

 This is our gravel road --six miles to the highway.  
If we get more snow and wind, it's blocked.
Right now, it's warming up, so the road is a little better!

 Snow walking in the Breaks Pasture.

 A lone antelope was paying more attention to Sue than to me.


 See, the fence is buried.  
There will be lots of fence to fix this spring & summer.
Hi Sue!

Long shadow.

I'm getting all excited about the fact that I have a pair of used snowshoes on the way.  I ordered this pair of traditional wooden snowshoes with the rawhide lacing from Ebay.  I've never walked in this style before, but have wanted to try since deep, powdery snow or even wet snow can be hard to walk in with the modern aluminum snowshoes.  You tend to sink in with the moderns, whereas the traditional style snowshoes have more float due to more surface area.  It'll be a fun experiment.  Since I got shoes used, I'm not out a lot of money compared to buying them new if I don't like wearing them. I'll be sharing my experience with you once they arrive!


  1. Sue is a nice companion! She's a tough girl!
    I love your "new" snow shoes and I can't wait for them to arrive! You're a snow bunny this winter!

  2. Yes, kind of. A Jackrabbit making trails here and there and everywhere!

  3. These pictures make me shiver with the cold - and that's just the mild cold in my house! But they are so beautiful... and I know you have the proper clothes, so you are no doubt warmer than I.

  4. I love the photos. Let me know how the snowshoes work. They are beautiful. Snowshoeing is by far my favorite way to get around in the winter.

  5. I have snow shoes and find them difficult to walk in...must be something I'm doing wrong.

  6. You're so lucky you have so much beautiful snow! It's rain, rain and more rain here -- with nary a freezing temp in sight for the next 10 days. ;-( Enjoy your beautiful winter!!!

  7. While you are buried in snow, we are experiencing unusually "hot" weather with temps averaging 75 degrees. I love your photos....especially your header photo!

  8. So beautiful! Makes me want to go somewhere where there is snow. Not much winter in Texas.


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