Friday, December 02, 2016

A little break in the weather, a little cheer...

 We went from Blizzzzzz.... sunshine and melting in a few days. The poor chickens were literally cooped up while the wind blew and the snow sifted into the cracks of the hen house and the barns.  Today the snow melted off, mostly, and the girls got to go out and scratch in the sunshine.  Do you see the kittens amongst them?  George and Elaine.

I've been puttering around about the house and in the Christmas things.  I decided to make a couple of little wreaths with juniper greens that I cut from our trees.  I just wired the greenery on wooden embroidery hoops and added a smart, red ribbon.  Ta da!  I like to put branches of juniper here and there around the house in vases and around candles.  It smells so good.

This is my new tinsel tree.  
I've always wanted one, and this year I splurged.
The star on the top changes colors 
which I think goes very well with my retro-vintage tree.

The mantel above our wood stove is decked out with greens and lights and Nativity.  I used to try to put candles in those glass hurricanes, but learned to just put some battery lights in them instead.
This is my tiny nativity set which sits on our old trunk so little ones can look closely at the scene.  The Fontanini sets are so nice because they don't break and I don't have to worry about small hands holding the figures.

I've started my own Advent study using this book:
 by Ann Voskamp.
So far, I'm really enjoying it.

The men hung the Star on the Barn 
and set up the cross on the well house
so we are all set for the Christmas Season to begin.

I hope you're enjoying special moments as you unwrap Christmas treasures, hang wreaths, light candles and sing jolly songs.  May you take JOY in every gift of every day.


  1. Looks like you have more sunshine than we are having. I like the bark or whatever that is that you have set your nativity set on. I hope to have our star up by next Thursday. Have a great weekend.

  2. Are there some missing videos or is it just my outdated computer LOL? Love your tree and the wood you put your nativity set on- clever! I have so enjoyed getting out my beloved Christmas things this week.

  3. Everything looks so pretty. I love the cow canvas! LOVE, I say!
    We don't tire of the lights. It's very light-y here, too.
    YAY for the tinsel tree! I love it!

  4. I always adore the star on your barn - this year I am loving your tinsel tree and your mantel, and getting inspired to start decorating myself. I want to smell that good smell, too...

  5. Awww, it's looking so beautiful and Christmassy there Jody! I LOVE your tinsel tree -- so beautiful and retro -- reminds me of our childhood! And I always love seeing your barn star every year -- I'll bet it's fun for the Grandchildren to see it as they drive to your home during the holidays!

  6. I do like all your pretty decorations. Enjoy the sunshine!

  7. Love your many nativity scenes, and I really like that idea of using embroidery hoops to make wreaths - genius! Now if I can just remember it until next December, haha :) Pretty Christmas home!


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