Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hallelujah carrot....

 I've pulled up all the carrots, washed and bagged them up for the garage refrigerator.  I always like seeing what kinds of extra legs and limbs some carrots grow.
I found this one amongst the bunch and named it
The Hallelujah Carrot.
CaregiverSon says, "Your garden is blessed."
It was fairly successful despite the dry summer.
The potato patch produced quite well. 
I've uncovered and dug up half of the spuds.
  I'll wait to dig the rest until it sounds like a cold snap is coming.

 We have finished weaning calves and turned out all the cows to their winter pasture.

 Wide open spaces.
Can you just breathe in the clear, fresh air?
Crisp and clean.
Fall has been snappy these past couple weeks--
Sunny, but with a chilly wind that forces me to understand
that summer is past and winter is just around the corner.
Even though I've brought the Big Geranium into the garage to keep it safe from frost,
I know better than to think I will save it forever.  I brought in the Rosemary and Oregano with hopes that I might keep it growing indoors awhile, but the lack of sunshine hours will likely cause them to fade quickly.
Fall is here.
And that is that.


  1. Oh My...those wide open spaces give my heart pause. To see that big bowl of sky above is breath-taking!

  2. I just love seeing your wide open spaces. I told Ron last night we were going to have to bring in our plants. It is starting to get down at nights finally. No frost yet. Your cows are so pretty. They look nice out there on the pasture.
    Your carrot is great. Ron worked for a carrot company for 25 years. It was always so interesting to see the different carrots that came in from the fields.
    I am so glad you garden did well this year. That is nice to hear. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  3. "That is that."...? I guess it is, and you are a good rancher: realistic and cheerful about your limitations. I need to think about whether I have the right clothes to help me embrace the cooler weather. Do you ever wear flannel-lined jeans?

  4. Fall is indeed here, isn't it? Your wide open spaces are so beautiful -- takes the breath away. I tried to overwinter geraniums one year -- it was way too much work for not much result!

  5. Beautiful wide open spaces. It's always so refreshing for us to get out of the closed in spaces of the city and see far and away! Love the hallelujah carrot!

  6. Yes, it really is, isn't it. I love the hallelujah carrot!
    Today a friend and I had to move away from the door of the coffee shop because the air was actually cold. I have not put the flannel/fleece sheets on the bed yet so that's something.
    Take care, sweet friend.

  7. Beautiful skies! What a view! God bless you all as you prepare for winter. Those flannel-lined jeans that GJ mentioned aren't a bad idea!

  8. This is the first week it really feels snappy :)

    Love your hallelujah carrot! Ours are so tiny this year. Our dry season affected them. we started watering but apparently too late.

    They're still tasty though :)

  9. I am hoping to take my tarragon out of the planting box and put it in a pot in the greenhouse for the winter... maybe take cuttings of it in the spring. It is so lovely to have fresh tarragon. Even though the greenhouse doesn't get direct sun for three winter months, it seems to have enough light that things stay alive while waiting out the cold.

  10. You brought a smile to my face with your "hallelujah carrot" - thanks for sharing!


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