Monday, March 14, 2016

Of seedlings and such...

 My little paper pots have sprung to life!
All the tomatoes and cantaloupe have sprouted.
I'm seeing "fine hairs" of snapdragons today, but
nothing yet of the mini-peppers.
Soon, I hope.

 Here they are underneath their clear tops that cause it to rain inside.

 It looks like The Holiday Cactus is going to continue to bloom through Easter.
How sweet of her!

 On Sunday I took a long walk to a place where I like to go sit and think.
This rocky ledge is where I sit and look out, and lucky for me,
there were sheep to gaze upon.

 Everything looks so brown and dry.
There are little sprigs of green grass and forbs underneath the brown, 
but we could sure use a rain
or a big, wet snow.
There's a gusty wind today and we're hoping it stirs up some rain for us.
As I was coaxing the sheep to a pond of water today,
 I was thinking about the 23rd Psalm.
The Lord is my Shepherd
I shall not want for anything.
He makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside still waters,
He restores my soul.
I was guiding the sheep from their green pastures to the still water.
Some  of them ran right to the water to drink
 and others waited for me to feed them the alfalfa cake.  
We can lead the sheep to water and to the green pastures,
but we cannot make them drink or eat.
They have a choice.
We have a choice.
The Shepherd brings us to what we need
 and waits for us to receive it.

A bloggy friend sent me a box of goodies!
A comfrey rootling, blood oranges and  Meyer lemons from her own yard,
 sunflower seeds from her own garden, 
and a beautiful hooked rug from her own hands.
Wasn't that so nice?  Thank you Kim!

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Boy, it looks like you're getting all ready for spring Jody! Did you guys have much snow this year? I didn't have to shovel even once -- very sad. We're getting lots of rain though. Wishing for some rain for you!!!

  2. Aw! That Kim is so kind! I love your treasures!
    The view is marvelous, Jody! Such wide open spaces!
    Your mini-greenhouses are sure to work well! Yay!
    Thank you for your kind comment about my hair! It's an improvement.

  3. A very nice gift to receive. Glad you could go to your rocky ledge and sit a spell...

  4. You're ahead of me on the seedlings! I'd better get started!
    What a nice place to sit and contemplate.
    Your bloggy friend sent some wonderful gifts! Such handwork! Hope you have a nice rain. We've had some drizzly days here.

  5. I can't believe all of the seedlings you are going to have. Such promise for spring. Aw you are so kind. I am glad you like everything. :)

  6. Such a lovely sight - all the seedlings in a row. There is something so hopeful and brave about them.

  7. Spring is settling in here, and we're not ready! Our last frost date is supposedly April 15th, but it's hard to believe right now that we haven't seen the last frost already. We'll buy our plants this year, mostly tomatoes. Too much other work will keep our garden small. I will have to live vicariously through your seedlings and what comes next!


  8. I love the look of that rocky ledge. I'd love to sit there with you, gazing, and saying nothing :)

  9. Earlier this month I realized that my Christmas cactus that I've been so good to did not bloom! Then yesterday I saw that it has flower buds. So it is going to be an Easter cactus. I think it must be because I put it in the greenhouse that didn't get enough of winter's sun. But I'm happy that it didn't skip this year altogether :-)
    I'm glad to see your cactus again, and the sitting ledge. Happy Spring!

  10. Your bench in the wild, away from the house and the call of your daily duties and is a lovely pew.


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