Thursday, March 03, 2016

Newborn calves and lambies...

New babies are on the ground!  Yesterday our first calves were born.  The heifers will be calving now through March.  Aren't these little fellas cute?  A third was born this afternoon.

The last ewe in this bunch of sheep finally lambed yesterday. The poor ewe had dead lambs.  She really wanted them and had them all licked off.  We ended up turning her out with the other ewes and lambs and she bleated and bleated for her own lambs.  I think she was so wanting to mother a lamb that she would take any lamb who would come to her, and I did see some lambs coming up to her.  I wonder if she might be able to co-mother one or two lambs.  It happens sometimes.

We docked another bunch of lambs today.
39 Ewes
22 Bucks
61 Lambs total

P.S.   We heard and saw the first robin of spring today!


  1. Love seeing these photos of the calves and lambies. So sad for that momma to lose her lambs. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. Another busy month for you. That's sad about the lambs and the instinct of the ewe to be a mother. My Italian sister-in-law keeps a few sheep and there are sad times there too. How lovely to hear and see the first robin of Springtime!

  3. We've had some robins around for a while now. And the temps have been pretty cold at times. I wonder if they regret coming north too soon. Hopefully it will be warmer now. Congrats on the nice calves and lambies! :)

  4. Those little lambs' faces and ears are just SO precious!! Sorry about your lonely mama :( I hope she finds a baby to love.

  5. The 156% must be the percentage of lambs to ewes? Is that about average? What is the highest you've ever had?

  6. Oh such wonderful shots! I just want to pet those little guys and watch them buck around. Thanks for sharing such fun photos. I'm glad it has been good weather.

  7. SHEEPIES!!! Poor mother sheep, that's so sad. Love your sweet pictures!

  8. Sixty one! Yay! Now for the calves. They are adorable, too!

  9. This is one of my favorite parts of spring, seeing the little ones, they are such darlings. And I enjoyed your photos. I was sorry to read about that sad sheep, though, poor thing.


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