Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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I've been gone for five days to attend my nephew's engagement party in Kansas, and while I was away, the ewes decided to start having babies.  I don't know how they could do that without me, but they did!  I'm so thankful that we are having wonderful weather so far.  Today we reached 55 degrees with sunshine, but of course, there was only one set of twins born today -- on the best day of the year.  They tend to want to lamb at night for some reason.  Hoping for lots of good, warm days ahead.

We've had four sets of triplets so far and lots of twins.  Busy mama sheep!

The grandkids came over the day after I returned home and we had a big Valentine making event here.  We watercolor painted, cut and glued, applied stickers and doilies, and stamped with rubber stamps.  Glorious fun for little hands and big hands too.


  1. They are so cute. Hopefully the warm weather holds.

  2. How fun, I wondered what you were up to and I was thinking it was time for lambing to begin. Such a wonderful thing to do to welcome spring.
    Your Valentine party sounds like fun.

  3. Wow...lots of sweet lambies! How nice that you were able to be part of your nephew's engagement party. I loved Valentines when I was young. What fun to have a grandkid Valentine making party!

  4. Aw! Valentine making!
    Could the lambs be ANY cuter! LOVE!

  5. Aww - sweet lambs! I bet they choose night time because they want to deliver in private :)


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