Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beginning butterflies and lambs...


I've begun my new online class on Craftsy and it's been fun!  I'm taking "Embroidering Texture and Dimension by Hand" by Sue Spargo.  Sue is a wonderful teacher.  I love to listen to her speak in her South African accent, and I love to watch her hands handle the materials and threads as a true artist.  I'll be making several of these butterflies, using felted wool scraps, embroidery floss, ribbons, beads,  and who knows what else I might come up with.  I'm learning some new stitches along the way which is always fun.  Thanks to my dear friend for her lovely gift of the class!

On another note, we're drawing near to the end of our lambing season.  We docked our first bunch of lambs today.  Here they are!  They're growing so quickly, and they are so healthy due to the beautiful weather we've had.  February is usually a very cold, nasty month for us, but this year it's been mild and unseasonably warm -- windy, but warm.  I'm thankful for it.    Our losses have been very small.  We've had a few bum lambs, but very few of them.  All in all, it's been a good, bountiful lamb season.

37 Ewes
29 Ewe Lambs
36 Wether Lambs
65 Lambs Total
(176% lamb crop on this bunch)


  1. What??? How can lamb season be almost over??? I've missed it! ;-( They all look so cute. It never occurred to me that the weather would effect the number of bummies you have -- I always thought it was more a factor of whether the mother was a good mother or not. ;-)

    I love Sue Spargo embroidery -- and look at all those little scallops around the butterfly wings. What a lot of beautiful work!

    1. Most of the bummies we've had were on ewes that had triplets. Normally, the ewe just can't raise 3 so we take one off. But the weather can affect bums too -- out in the pasture. They can get cold or separated from mama, but you are right, the majority of the bummies happen due to poor moms or a mother with mastitis issues.

      The bullion stitches make nice scallops around the butterfly wings.

  2. Puddle of lambs! So sweet!
    I love your butterflies! What a fun class!

  3. They were more of a "pond of lambs" and sweet, yes! Thanks for the butterfly love.

  4. Jody, what beautiful butterflies. I love those stitches. Yours are just perfect. Sue Spargo is wonderful. I have never bought any of those classes on Craftsy but I have looked. :)
    Your sheep look wonderful as does your tally. I would say this has been a very good year as you describe. I hope that wool buyer buys your wool again. I like to think of that.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. A lovely lot of lambs and good to hear everything went well and all are doing fine. The butterflies in felt with embroidered decoration are so pretty. It looks like an enjoyable craft.

  6. The butterflies are beautiful! What a fun class! I'm very glad to hear that your lambing went well and everyone is healthy! :)

  7. Congrats on all your healthy lambs! Looks like you follow instructions very well!

  8. These butterflies are gorgeous. Gorgeous.


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