Friday, August 14, 2015

Working cows and calves...

 Can you see the flies swarming above the cows' backs?

 Cows asking, "Where have our babies gone?"
We sorted them away for a short time
so we could give them their booster vaccinations
 and some insecticide.

 Calvies going into the barn to get their shots.

 We sorted the bulls out from the cows. 
 This bunch should be bred by now.

Counting calves out of the barn gate.

 Each morning this week we have been rising early to go get a bunch of cows and calves to work before the heat of the day. By the time we are done with a bunch it's really hot and sticky in the barn.  So many big bodies in one place makes it HOT and HUMID.  Our shirts and jeans are drenched.  This afternoon we hit 99* and the wind started blowing so it feels like a blow dryer out there.  I am so very thankful that I can go inside where it's cool and comfortable.  Since the temperatures are so extreme, it makes our atmosphere more volatile to thunderstorms.  A good shower would be wonderful about now, but dry lightning could be disastrous.  Hoping for rain or nothing.

Hey, did any of you sit out in the dark night and watch the meteor shower?  It was cloudy here on Wednesday, the best night, but last night (or should I say early this morning) at 2:00 I went out to my lawn chair, reclined it back, and star gazed.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sky was so clear and the stars were shining so brightly, I felt very small and insignificant.  And to think, The Creator of the stars thinks of you and me.  Amazing!


  1. I laid on our upper deck last night and enjoyed the show, until curious bats drove me in. It was amazing. I have to admit I don't miss working cattle. I am allergic and no matter what m eyes would swell shut.

  2. I hope you get that good shower. I love the photos of cows and bulls and calves - especially calves! They remind me of us schoolchildren dutifully submitting to our shots and sugar cubes 50+ years ago....

  3. I love your cows! It does sound like hot, dirty work, but I bet you feel great at the end of the day (after your shower).

    I didn't watch the meteor showers, but the Man did and he said they were awesome. Now I'm sorry I missed them!


  4. Amazing indeed. Our son's area is in a state of emergency because fires started by lightning. We thought a friend of his lost his home but the home is still standing but all their outbuildings and a truck and tractor burned! Hope you cool off without any lightning!

  5. I always think that same thing when I am out looking at the stars. We went out on Wednesday morning too. The only night it was clear but we have gone out to see them. Your cows and calves are gorgeous! So are your bulls.
    I think that it is a wonderful time of year. Lovely photos.

  6. I like your boots, Jody! Aw, I bet the cows missed their babies.
    I think you need a tall glass of lemonade and a cookie.

  7. Sounds like a satisfying day's work. I bet the star show was glorious. We had a big hail/rain/lightning storm on the best meteor viewing night.

  8. This sounds like hard work but rewarding and, to me, quite exotic. I like seeing the new calves. They look so sweet.

  9. those are fine, healthy looking animals; it shows the hard work of your hands and heart.

  10. I love reading about your adventures! Dianntha

  11. I've had a fun time catching up on your posts Jody. I love your outdoor posts and now I can visualize just where you are! We missed the meteor showers as our hiking wore us out and we were too tired to get up in the middle of the night - I'll bet they were wonderful though!!!


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